Montgomery unveils new, interactive way to explore the city

Explore Montgomery. (Montgomery Area Chamber)

Montgomery is home to incredibly important history, major technology innovations, one-of-a-kind museums and so much more. The city has just released a brand-new way to experience The Gump, and we’ve got the inside scoop.

The Journey Starts Here

Let’s get it started. (Montgomery Area Chamber)

Whether you’re a longtime Montgomery resident or have never made it to the capital city, this new tool will change the way you visit.

The campaign was intentionally launched in time for Black History Month, and aims to support Montgomery tourism efforts by guiding visitors through the historic city with “intentional placemaking and vibrant storytelling”.

“Montgomery’s story as the birthplace of the civil rights movement resonates with the world. As people continue to seek purposeful and meaningful travel experiences, Montgomery continues to deliver thought-provoking cultural and civil rights experiences that remind us of how far we have come and inspire us to continue fighting for change. With this campaign, education and inspiration have never been more accessible to Montgomery visitors as they can now interact with the sites of some of our country’s most profound events.”

—Ashley Jernigan, Executive Director, Destination Montgomery

How it works

Making new memories. (Montgomery Area Chamber)

In a Facebook post last week, The City of Montgomery shared that residents and visitors will start seeing signs popping up around town that read, “The Journey Starts Here,” an indication that you can digitally access history of your current location.

In addition to location-specific history, the new campaign also shares custom itinerary ideas, hotels, dining, area events and more. You can access all of the information on their website.

Plan your next trip to Montgomery

BRB, planning our next trip. (Montgomery Area Chamber)

We did a little poking around on the website, and have our next trip to Montgomery all planned out. It’ll go a little something like this:

What’s on your Montgomery agenda? Plan your trip today.

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