$3.6M in grants were awarded to Alabama arts organizations

Alabama Arts
The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame in Birmingham is one of the organizations to receive a grant. Photo via Alabama Student Jazz Festival

Have you heard? The Alabama State Council on the Arts (ASCA) awarded 219 grants to arts organizations in communities across the state. Through these grants, many of our favorite art organizations can provide in-person services without stress of funding. Here are the details.

The Alabama Arts Recovery Program is providing arts organizations with funding

Alabama Arts, Ursula Dance Co
Ursula Smith Dance Company empowers young ladies through dance. Photo via Tira Davis for The Bama Buzz

In response to the Alabama Arts Recovery Program and the Council on the Arts’ annual grant cycle, the ASCA awarded a total of $3,667,300 in grants to arts organizations.

ASCA is the official state agency for the support and development of the arts in Alabama. The council’s goal is to expand and preserve cultural resources by supporting nonprofit organizations, schools, colleges and individual artists.

“Throughout the pandemic, the Council has supported Alabama’s arts and culture sector through our grants. As arts organizations across the state safely reopen and return to in-person operations, we continue supporting recovery through the Alabama Arts Recovery Program. These federal funds will provide support for general operating costs and personnel, allowing organizations to continue providing artistic opportunities and creative experiences to our citizens and communities.” 

Dr. Elliot Knight, Executive Director, Alabama State Council on the Arts

The program grants will help arts organizations maintain operations and funding will start October 1 and must be expended by September 30, 2022.

The Annual Grant Cycle

In addition, the council awarded $2,853,200 in project grants and operating support to 132 arts organizations for activities occurring between October 1 and September 30, 2022. Support was given to public organizations that provide programs that include:

You can view the list of organizations here.

“We are pleased to support educational groups, community organizations and arts institutions with these grants. Funds awarded through the Council’s grant-making process elevate arts in education, strengthen cultural expression and attract tourists and new industry to our colorful and vibrant state.”

Jim Harrison III, Chair, Alabama State Council on the Arts

The council believes that supporting arts programming is critical. It creates a thriving arts economy, a workforce ready for innovation, and a high quality way of life. More grant awards will be announced next month and the deadline for the next round of applications is March 1, 2022—for individual artist fellowships and planning, design and construction of facilities.

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