4 local, unique coffee shops Auburn students love

Side Track Coffee In Opelika, Al
Side Track is the perfect atsmophere for the eccentric hipster (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

Just about everyone loves a good cup of coffee, but college students might just be the ultimate coffee lovers. After all, it is the ultimate fuel to help students power through homework assignments and exams. There are many coffee shops in Auburn, and some bring more than coffee to the table for students.

Keep reading to discover the coffee shops with the ultimate vibes and features that make them a staple in Auburn University students’ routines, plus a personal recommendation from an Auburn student herself.

1. The Coffee Cat

The Coffee Cat
The Coffee Cat has the ultimate earthy and cozy vibes. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

If you enjoy all things artsy, this coffee shop is for you. Their indoor and outdoor seating areas are adorned with plants and vintage furniture. Throughout the shop, there are wares from local artists available for purchase. Some goodies you can buy include handmade jewelry, clothes, candles, mugs and so much more.

The Coffee Cat also has late-night hours on Friday-Sunday, so it is a perfect place for anyone with a busy schedule. It is no wonder that Auburn University students choose this cozy environment to knock out projects and relax with the beverage of their choice.

OUR RECS: Black Bear latte, matcha soda, pumpkin muffin

2. Well Red Coffee, Books and Wine

Well Red Coffee, Books And Wine In Auburn, Al
Well Red is the perfect place for the wine lover and bookworm. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

Well Red offers a variety of beverages for all ages and a variety of books that you can buy – no matter what genre you prefer.

The environment is welcoming and vibrant, and it regularly holds events supporting local artists. Some of these events include author book signings, open mic nights and wine tastings. Locals and Auburn University students alike are loyal to this coffee shop.

OUR RECS: Caramel latte, strawberry lemonade, Mercat Cava Catalonia sparkling wine, snickerdoodle cookie

3. Ross House Coffee

Ross House Coffee Auburn, Al
Ross House Coffee is an historic home with a modern flair. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

This locally-owned coffee shop was once a 111-year-old home that Auburn University students fought to save from being torn down. From their success, Ross House Coffee was born.

The inside is contemporary and traditional, giving patrons the feeling of visiting a friend’s house to chat and catch up over coffee. Auburn University students can ease the stress of their workload in this intimate setting.

OUR RECS: Vanilla cappuccino, frozen hot chocolate, cinnamon roll

4. Side Track Coffee

Side Track Coffee Auburn, Al
It doesn’t get much more aesthetic than this! (Gabe Fox)

Side Track has its name for a reason – it is located in historic downtown Opelika right by the railway track. Side Track has become known for its unique environment and delicious coffee.

Hip music, art, and people enjoy the sense of togetherness this coffee shop cultivates. It is an excellent place for Auburn University students to meet each other and mingle or do homework.

OUR RECS: Americano, chai latte, maple cake donut

Although these coffee shops are a favorite amongst Auburn University students, you don’t have to be in college to enjoy everything these local shops have to offer. We know you’ll love these spots – whether you’re a local, visitor or student!

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