4 of our favorite sushi spots in Auburn

Sushiya Sushi
Sushiya in Auburn has a delicious sushi selection. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

If there is one thing Japanese cuisine is known for, it’s sushi. If you love sushi as much as we do, keep reading to learn about four must-try Japanese restaurants in Auburn.

1. Sushiya

Sushiya In Auburn
Sushiya in Auburn is an excellent choice for dinner. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

Auburn locals and visitors alike love Sushiya because of its chic, intimate atmosphere and friendly service.

Their sushi rolls are flavorful and filling, but they also offer other dishes like Poke and Teriyaki. Plus, they have delicious sake if you’re looking for a unique adult beverage.

OUR REC: Vegas Roll + DaVinci Roll

2. Fuji Sushi Bar

Fuji Sushi
Fuji Sushi Bar has over 35 sushi rolls to choose from. (Auburn Opelika Tourism)

Fuji Sushi Bar is an Auburn sushi staple. A laid-back eatery offering a variety of Japanese cuisine and lunch specials, locals love Fuji for the fresh taste and quantity of sushi rolls available.

There are over 35 sushi rolls, including classic rolls like the California Roll and more unique rolls you can get fried or raw.

OUR REC: Auburn Tiger Roll + Tiger Eyes Roll

3. Sushi Hero

Sushi Hero
Sushi Hero in Auburn offers tasty Japanese cuisine. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz.)

Sushi Hero is a great place to eat with family and friends—it’s got a casual, colorful environment and plenty of types of sushi rolls, Japanese entrees and appetizers. Everyone can find something to love at this spot.

OUR REC: Tuna on Fire Roll + Lorenzo Roll

4. Beyond the Wok

Beyond the Wok is popular with the local college students, not only because it is right by campus but also because it is open and spacious. Their large quantity of sushi and dinner options keep students and locals coming back.

OUR REC: Philadelphia Roll + Alabama Hero Roll

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