4 reasons to check out the new Greer’s St. Louis Market [Photos]

Mobile Skyline From The Roof Of Greer'S St. Louis Market
Mobile skyline from the roof of Greer’s St. Louis Market. Photo via Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

Open for just over a week, the buzz around Mobile right now (Hurricane-Ida-withstanding) is the brand-new Greer’s Market on St. Louis Street, just on the edge of downtown.

The family business

Greer Family Tree Mural At Greer'S Downtown Market.
Greer family tree mural at Greer’s downtown market. Photo by Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

Greer’s is a family grocery business that began in Mobile in 1916 when Autry Greer opened Mobile’s first cash & carry grocery store. Its legacy continues today with 28 (now 29!) stores across Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi; all of which are still owned and operated by the now 5th generation of the Greer family.

For its 105th anniversary this year, Greer’s wanted a return to the downtown scene and to participate in the ongoing effort to make downtown Mobile a more residential-friendly area. This Greer’s is kind of unique, it’s a grocery store that’s also designed for you to be able to hang out inside, offering unique features like hot bars and a coffee nook, complete with a few awesome spots to relax.

To participate in the revitalization of the family’s hometown, Greer’s broke ground on a shell of a building at the corner of St. Louis and N. Jackson streets. The vision for Greer’s St. Louis Market is to provide a complete shopping experience for the residents of downtown Mobile while also creating a unique gathering place for all to enjoy specialty eats and drinks.

Statement from the Greer’s website.

We checked it out for you and compiled a list 4 reasons you absolutely cannot miss the new Greer’s St. Louis Market.

1. The groceries (I mean, of course!)

Produce At The Greer'S St. Louis Market
Produce at the Greer’s St. Louis Market. Photo via Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

You can really find anything you’re looking for at the St. Louis market. Organic produce and vegan meat options line the same shelves as all your regular favorites. It’s a great place to find and try something new, especially at their recipe station–where a recipe is shown on a small TV with all ingredients in a cooler case below. Don’t feel like cooking? They have plenty of ready-made-meals that just need you to pop ’em in the oven.

Seriously, once I went here for groceries I stopped going anywhere else. They’ve got everything I need, plus around $100 worth of stuff I probably don’t need, whoops!

2. Coffee shop & study nook

What’s better than a coffee shop inside the grocery store? We’re talking a full coffee bar situation with pastries and everything. Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage to fuel your after-work shopping trip, or take your coffee to the little dining area, with tables, natural lighting, and free Wi-Fi for all your lounging and/or working needs.

3. Wine & beer selection

We still can’t get over a wine selection so huge there’s a ladder to peruse all of your options. A real “The Beauty and the Beast” moment but with wine instead of books. It’d be hard to leave this wine section empty-handed, we know we didn’t! There’s also an awesome group of Alabama breweries in the beer selection.

You can also, apparently, “sip and shop”, buying wine by-the-glass or a beer as you make your way through the store.

4. The rooftop & kitchen

Greer'S St. Louis Market Sign From Rooftop.
Greer’s St. Louis Market sign from rooftop. Photo via Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

The absolute highlight of the Greer’s St Louis market, at least to me, is the rooftop. I mean, how many grocery stores, especially in the Mobile area, have a rooftop where you can eat a snack, drink your coffee/wine, or just enjoy the view? Downstairs, in the store, there’s an entire hot & salad bar, where you can grab some prepared food and chill out on the rooftop to enjoy your meal.

Make sure you go check out downtown Mobile’s newest grocery store that’s so much more than just a grocery store!

Greer’s St Louis Market:

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