4 reasons you need to visit the Museum of Wonder Drive-Thru in Seale, Alabama

Museum Of Wonder
Museum of Wonder Drive-Thru. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz.

Our beautiful state of Alabama is full of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered and explored. Recently, my friends and I discovered one of our new favorite spots, the Museum of Wonder Drive-Thru, and had an adventure while doing it. We have highlighted the 4 main reasons you need to get up and go visit the Museum of Wonder Drive-Thru in Seale, Alabama.

1. It is Really Funky

The first thing that you need to now about the Museum of Wonder is that it is really funky. It is also very weird, but if you’re anything like me, then you might like a little bit of weird here and there.

Butch Anthony, the mad mind behind the masterpiece, has collected and curated odd items and trinkets his whole life to create his artifact and taxidermy room in the 1970s. Once it gained popularity, he decided to make a drive-thru section in 2014.

Now, it is full of some of the strangest and best things I have ever seen. Antiques, art, artifacts, and taxidermy (plus a lot of bones and even some snakes), you name it— they have it. The bulk of the museum is made up of boxcars with added windows to peer inside. Most of the trinkets are placed curiously into these boxes in an exciting layout, but there are other odd things placed around the path.

2. It is a Lot of Fun

If you get as bored in the summer as I sometimes do, then this is the perfect outing for you. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it sure is fun! Make a day trip out of it and take some friends along with you. Explore all the odds and ends of this place for a guaranteed good time.

Even when you think you have seen everything, I promise you have not seen it all. With crazy things around every corner, you will never get bored here. We took full advantage of the scene and got out of car to have some good fun. All of these funky things to look at sure do make for some good entertainment.

3. Its Totally Free (Unless You Want to Donate)

One of the best parts about it, is that it is totally free to go! Is it just me, or does that make it all the more fun? Of course, donations are very welcome and appreciated. There is a small slot for cash contributions at the entrance. After our great experience at the museum, we were happy to make a donation in the name of art.

4. You Don’t Even Have to Get Out of Your Car (But You Can)

The Museum Of Wonder Drive-Thru
World’s First Drive-Thru Art and Antique Gallery. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz.

Another great thing, is that it is totally COVID-19 safe and can be done socially distanced. If you are needing to still be cautious, the Museum of Wonder Drive-Thru is just the place for you. It’s the world’s first drive through art and antique gallery, how cool is that?

You truly turn off the side of the road, right into the entrance, and drive along the path to look at all the wonders.

If you feel totally comfortable getting out of the car and exploring up close, then you can park and wander around like we did! Either way is going to be a great experience of doing something very unique. Plus, it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Drive Thru Museum Of Wonder
Frolicking at The Museum of Wonder. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

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