4 Ways Serenity Counseling Inc. in Florence is Restoring Hope to Those in Need

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Founded in 2016, Serenity Counseling in Florence has been serving as a safe space for individuals and families that seek healing for improved mental health. Read below to find out what services and programs Serenity Counseling offers that can encourage a healthier way of living, plus a clearer mind.

About Serenity Counseling Inc.

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“Where Hope is given and healing begins” is Serenity Counseling’s mantra, and it’s one that they strongly live by. Just last month, the organization celebrated it’s 5-year anniversary of restoring mental health through assorted programs for their patients. Below, we’ve highlighted 4 aspects of the business that make their journey to healing others so special and beneficial.

1. Equine Assisted-Psychotherapy

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Horses can make great best friends Photo Via Serenity Counseling Facebook.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy may be Serenity Counseling’s most popular method of therapy. Interacting with these furry friends can assist in promoting better physical and mental health in humans (and the horses will love the interaction, too)! During the Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy service, specialists are trained to use the Eagala Model, a method that necessitates hands-on participation of the clients in order to gain the maximum experience during their time.

2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Currently, CBT is the most common form of therapy. Serenity Counseling specialists focus on how thoughts & feelings can influence behavior, and this form of therapy is said to be successful in treating phobias, addictions, anxiety and depression. Serenity Counseling describes CBT as a “stress reducer”, helping clients to develop more positive ways of thinking.

3. Play Therapy

Children Play Area At Serenity Counseling
Serenity Counseling’s children’s corner Photo Via Facebook.

Therapy isn’t just for adults, it can be beneficial for children as well. Serenity Counseling incorporates trained mental health practioners with children in a clinical designated play area. By observing how the children play, the practioners are able to analyze spotted behavior that can aid in constructing conclusions about how that child might play with others, or how they may act at home or in school settings.

4. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

Edmr Process
The EMDR Process Photo Via The Viva Center.

EMDR is effective in treating a wide range of mental health problems. It allows patients to heal from occurrences that have caused them emotional distress, helping them to recover their mind by developing more positive beliefs.

As you can see, Serenity Counseling has all-inclusive services for just about anyone looking to start their journey to having better mental health. Therapy isn’t just for those who have been diagnosed with specific disorders, but can be very beneficial to those who are interested in experiencing different ways of living, which can start mentally. If you would like to keep up with updated on Serenity Counseling, check out their Facebook.

  • Location: 1954 Jackson Road Florence, AL
  • Contact: (256) 263-6367

If you’re interested in donating a gift to the organization, be sure to check out details here.

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