5 Alabama podcasts you should catch up on now

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Podcasts are my go to for long work hours and trips. Photo by Pamela Buenrostro on Unsplash

Soothing ambient voices, interesting content and minimal distractions—podcasts are a great middle ground for those who cannot work in utter silence yet find music too distracting. If you love Alabama like we do, here are five Alabama podcasts to help you power through the day.

Alabama has a lot more to say than just the podcasts listed here. There are Alabama podcasts about mysteries, history, religion and, of course, sports. To get you started, check out these five regional podcasts ranging from sports to medicine to the arts of Alabama.

1. Alabama Insider

For Insider Alabama Podcasts Alabama Football Touchdown
Touchdown 🏈 Photo via Bham Now

I think it is impossible to talk about Alabama without talking about football. The Alabama Insider comes straight from the Crimson Tide Sports Network. You can listen to replays of Hey Coach and the Nick Saban Show and hear the daily report from Crimson Tide Today. Out of all the other Alabama podcasts, this one has you covered on all things Alabama football.

2. Inside Pediatrics

Children’s of Alabama specializes in medical care for ill and injured children. Now you get an inside look into the hospital and health news. Doctors lead each episode, breaking down trending medical news. Episodes explore child health and wellness, research, treatment and articles from their Inside Pediatrics magazines.

3. Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report

Alabama’s biodiversity hosts a wide variety of life, including oceans, rivers and lakes teeming with fish. This is where the Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report comes in. According to their website, they are the Gulf Coast’s first and only podcast brining accurate fishing reports. Hosts Butch Thierry and Joe Baya interview the best fisherman in their area, discuss all the saltwater species you can catch and deliver weekly reports and forecasts.

4. Creative Alabama

Creative Alabama Podcasts Episodes 1 Through 3 Logo
If you’re a fellow creator, this is the podcast for you. Photo via Creative Alabama’s Facebook

This Alabama podcast is dedicated to the creativity of the state. Hosted by Joshua J. Hamilton, episodes highlight artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians and artisans across the state. Creative Alabama just kicked off in January 2021. Hear from Huntsville hip-hop artist and producer King Kwofi, Mothereast author Kristen Iskandrian, filmmaker and video producer Adam Schwartz and documentarian an director Bradford Thomason in the episodes they have up now.

5. Sean of the South

Sean Of The South With His Boat And Dog
This picture captures the essence of the podcast. Photo via Bham Now

Renowned columnist, novelist and blogger, Sean Dietrich tells sentimental stories of the South that will make you laugh, cry or maybe even both. This podcasts gives a voice to stories of small towns and rural areas in the American South. Get a taste of the South with Sean of the South.

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