5 beautiful walking trails in Mobile

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Come with us to reconnect with nature. (Elizabeth Winsor / The Bama Buzz)

Calling all nature-lovers! These Mobile walking trails offer a relaxing escape from the city—without driving too far!

1. Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail

Nature’s beauty. (Elizabeth Winsor / The Bama Buzz)

The Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail is a 2-mile-long path that features 95 acres of enormous oak and pine forests. People most often use the trail for walking, hiking, mountain biking or running. This is the perfect spot to visit to explore the impressive nature and wildlife that you would otherwise not expect to see in Mobile.

2. Langan Park

A walk to remember. (Elizabeth Winsor / The Bama Buzz)

Langan Park holds the title of the largest park in Mobile, at a whopping 720 acres. Its large number of amenities include a playground, restrooms, a kayak launch, pavilions, an amphitheater, a disc golf course, an athletic field and, of course, a walking trail.

3. Medal of Honor Park

Check out this amazing disc golf course. (Elizabeth Winsor / The Bama Buzz)

Medal of Honor Park is one of the one of the most popular public parks in Mobile. Whether you are looking to go for a walk, play on the playground, splash around in the fountains or play tennis, this is the place for you. The walking trail also serves as a disc golf course—with a few tough shots!

4. Mobile Japanese Garden

Are we still in Mobile? (Elizabeth Winsor / The Bama Buzz)

A gorgeous hidden gem in the Mobile area is the Mobile Japanese Garden. This walking trail showcases numerous characteristics of a traditional Japanese garden and even features a beautiful koi pond.

The garden is an all-volunteer charity that aims to promote arts and culture education in Mobile. To keep this garden alive and picture-perfect, it is important to volunteer and donate!

5. Longleaf Forest

Peaceful and picturesque. (Elizabeth Winsor / The Bama Buzz)

What could be better than a walking trail right next to the Mobile Botanical Gardens? The Longleaf Forest offers a fairly short trail filled with thousands of wildflowers and pine trees. This is the perfect spot to blow off some steam with a quick walk, have a picnic, look at some impressive scenery or simply reconnect with nature.

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