5 charming bookstores in Alabama + their book clubs

Snail On The Wall Book Store
Time to find a new read! (Audrey Johnson / The Bama Buzz)

Reading is one pastime that’s always in season. For all your summer reading lists and cozy hot-chocolate-and-a-book sessions, these Alabama bookstores have you covered.

1. Snail on the Wall

Snail on the Wall is known in Huntsville as the “bookstore without a store” as they deliver book straight to readers’ doorsteps. However, they’re having a pop-up shop in Huntsville’s historic Constitution Village until August 19 that you don’t want to miss. After the event ends, you can still grab their books online, of course.

BONUS: As a “bookstore without a store,” Snail on the Wall provides book clubs with their top picks, plus special deals on book club bundles.

2. Ernest & Hadley Booksellers

Ernest & Hadley in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is a whimsical spot that takes a “village approach” to bookselling, which means they foster community connections and encourage input from local reading enthusiasts.

BONUS: Ernest & Hadley provides space for several book clubs, including the E&H Open Book Club, The Page Turners and more. Plus, they offer a monthly subscription service called the Bumby Club.

3. Mobile Bookseller

If you’re looking for good books on a budget, Mobile Bookseller is the perfect spot. With thousands of used, discounted books, the avid reader can grab plenty of new reads without breaking the bank. In addition, Mobile Bookseller offers trade-in services and new books.

BONUS: Mobile Bookseller offers selections from from many local authors and hosts book signing events.

4. Thank You Books

Thank You Books Store
Thank You Books is a go-to bookstore in Birmingham. (Maddi Miller / The Bama Buzz)

A Birmingham go-to, Thank You Books is a woman-owned indie bookstore. Offering a wide variety of genres and age-appropriate picks, there’s something for everyone.

BONUS: Thank You Books has a lively book club scene, with groups like the OG Book Club, Sci-FiDelity and more. Plus, they offer a monthly subscription service, the Signed First Editions Club.

5. Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers

Auburn Oil Co. wasn’t always a bookstore. True to its name, it was a service station owned by Mike Armor. Armor’s son, Murphy, turned Auburn Oil Co. into a bookstore in 2019, keeping the name the community had come to love.

When you walk into this bookstore, you can still see an old Phillips 66 service pump.

BONUS: Auburn Oil Co. has multiple “eclectic and lively” book clubs. Plus, they always have fun events on their calendar.

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