19 awesome spots to celebrate Dry January in Huntsville

Dry January In Hsv
Spilling the tea on our favorite health drinks this Dry January. (Emily Kent/The Bama Buzz)

New year, new resolutions. If you’re going alcohol-free for Dry January, here are sober drink alternatives that are sure to quench your thirst in Huntsville.

1. Delicious (+ Insta-worthy) mocktails 🍸

Dry January In Hsv
Presentation 10/10. (Emily Kent/The Bama Buzz)

IMO half the fun in ordering a cocktail is the presentation. By ordering a mocktail, you can *almost* get the same experience while sticking with your New Year’s resolution.

Try these spots for a yummy mocktail:

Psst! Each of these Huntsville mocktail (or cocktail) spots are on the Craft Cocktail Tour.

2. Tasty smoothie made with nature’s candy 🍓

Dry January In Hsv
Now I’m craving a smoothie… Photo via Douglas Bagg for Unsplash

My go-to for a healthier treat—smoothies. I love pulling out the blender and making my own concoction. It is a lot of work, though, so if you don’t want to play chef, give these spots a try.

Don’t be tempted by the milkshakes, ice cream and more! Or do…

3. Pipin’ hot herbal tea ☕

Dry January In Hsv
Cheers to the New Year. (Emily Kent/The Bama Buzz)

We’ve finally gotten to my personal weakness. I can never say no to a hot cup of tea. However, I won’t judge if you like your tea iced. 😉

4. Kombucha with tons of health benefits 😍

Dry January In Hsv
Have you tried Fractal Brewing Project’s kombucha? (Emily Kent/The Bama Buzz)

I don’t know about you, but I love kombucha.  It was a bit tough to locate, but I pursued and called half of Huntsville to find it just for you.

If you aren’t familiar with kombucha, it’s fermented tea. I would recommend!

5. Juice bars + (juice) shots, shots, shots! 🥤

Dry January In Hsv
Juicin’. Photo via I Love Juice Bar Facebook

Non-alcoholic shots? Count me in. No matter what you’re targeting, you’ll find a juice for you.

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