5 exciting summer vendors at the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market

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Saturday morning at the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market. (Morgan Byerley/ The Bama Buzz)

From juicy Chilton County peaches to freshly baked honey oat bread, the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market is ready for summer. Held every Saturday from 7AM to 12AM at the Tuscaloosa River Market, the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market has a variety of homemade products and produce. Keep reading to learn more about the market and these 5 summer-ready vendors!

1. Chilton County Peaches from Hale Farm

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Ripe Chilton County peaches from Hale Farms. (Morgan Byerley/ The Bama Buzz)

What says summer more than juicy Chilton County peaches? Hale Farms is one of several vendors selling fresh peaches at the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market. The farm, now run by Wesley Hale, has been in the family for several generations.

“It’s a family business—the first peaches our family planted were in 1955. That was at my grandfather’s place where I currently live. We have some land in our family that’s been in the family for over 100 years. I decided that I wanted to farm, too, and keep it going.”

Wesley Hale, Owner, Hale Farms

2. Elizabeth’s Wholegrain Breads

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Freshly baked bread from Elizabeth’s Wholegrain Breads. (Morgan Byerley/ The Bama Buzz)

From sourdough to honey oat, Elizabeth Kelley sells a variety of freshly baked bread. As a Home Economics teacher, she uses her classroom to bake large volumes of bread to bring to the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market.

She began selling her bread at the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market 5 years ago and continues to expand her offerings. According to the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market website, Kelley was inspired by her mom’s cooking and baking.

“Growing up my Mom always cooked wonderful, homemade food, and I developed a love for cooking. She modeled the value of time spent cooking fresh food for our family. Later in life, Mom began milling grain to make fresh bread. I learned from her and began to bake for my family and friends.”

Elizabeth Kelley, Owner, Elizabeth’s Wholegrain Breads

3. Udderly Joyful Soapworks

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All-natural goat soaps. (Morgan Byerley/ The Bama Buzz)

Looking for natural soaps and lotions? Then stop by Udderly Joyful Soapworks at the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market. The products are naturally made from goat’s milk and free from detergents and dyes.

Owner Diane Lawrence has had goats for over 30 years, but made the switch 7 years ago to dairy goats. Using her goats’ milk, she created an original recipe that she first used to make soaps and then expanded to lotion balms. According to the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market website, Lawrence creates all-natural products without preservatives and dyes.

“Focusing on the quality of the milk, we can produce the finest goat’s milk soap on the market using our farm fresh milk, coconut oil and olive oil which produces a luxurious, rich lather that leaves your skin moisturized and glowing.”

Diane Lawrence, Owner, Udderly Joyful Soapworks

4. B & S Farm

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A variety of fresh summer vegetables. (Morgan Byerley/ The Bama Buzz)

B & S Farm is run by owner Gary Smith who sells a variety of vegetables. From boxes of green beans to the unique patty pan squash, there’s plenty of fresh summer produce available.

Smith transitioned to a full-time farmer in 2007 and now sells a variety of summer vegetables. He says that farming is a full-time job and that summer is usually the busiest time of the year. In the coming weeks, customers can expect to see even more summer produce like watermelons and tomatoes from Smith’s farm.

5. F&D Farm

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Looking for fresh jam or jelly? Look no further. (Morgan Byerley/ The Bama Buzz)

For Debbie and Forest Housner, their business began as a retirement project when Forest began planting blackberry bushes.

“My husband retired and he decided to plant blackberries. We had leftover blackberries that weren’t pretty, so I take the ones that aren’t perfect and make jam and jellies”

Debbie Housner, Owner, F&D Farm

From there, Debbie expanded into over 50 different types of jelly. From the Strawberry Smash jelly which includes bourbon, to her classic blackberry jam, there’s a jam and jelly for everyone. For Debbie, her favorite part is meeting customers at the Farmers Market.

“What I enjoy is selling and I get to see the look of happiness on people’s faces when they taste it, when they make a decision and when they love it.”

Debbie Housner, Owner, F&D Farm

Come check it out!

The Tuscaloosa Farmers Market is the perfect place to buy homemade products and fresh summer produce. From peaches to all-natural goat soap, there are many exciting vendors to come see at the Farmers Market.

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