5 of the best apple picking orchards in north Alabama

You’ll be in appley ever after with these orchards. Photo via Scott’s Orchard

Fall brings all the best things. My favorite—apples! From cider to pies, apple season is in full swing, and while you can always grab them from the store nothing beats picking your own fresh off the tree. If you want the freshest fruit this apple season, head to these five apple picking orchards in North Alabama

1. Isom’s Orchard

Apple Picking
Apple everything for me please. Photo via Isom’s Orchard

Head to Isom’s Orchard in Athens and you’ll be met with 250 acres of apple-filled orchards and a plethora of other fruits and veggies to bring home. They bring the variety when it comes to their apples with Granny Smith, Fuji and Candy Crisp being a few of the options.

Their homemade cider is made fresh and worth the trip in of itself. Try it as is or get it in one of their famous apple cider slushies.

2. Holmestead Farm

Apple Picking
Apple picking leads to delicious hand pies. Photo via Holmestead Farm

Apple picking sounds like an ideal fall outing to me, and at Holmestead Farm you can cross that activity off your bucket list. Walk around the farm picking as you please and enjoy some fried pies and cider while you’re there.

With your load of personally-picked apples, I suggest adding further to your fall aesthetic and baking some hand pies with your delicious fruit. Your entire home will smell of sweet spices and put you right in that cozy autumn mood.

3. Steele Orchard

Apple Picking
Apple picking with the freshest fruit. Photo via Nataile Grainger/Unsplash

Steele Orchard is here for all of your fresh fruit needs, and they’ve been doing it for over 30 years. With nearly 20 varieties of apples to choose from, you’re sure to find your favorites.

Bonus: There’s a bakery on-site, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth with ice cream and apple hand pies. Be sure to grab a jug of apple cider for the road home.

4. Scott’s Orchard

Apple Picking
This slushie is the apple of my eye. Photo via Scott’s Orchard

Scott’s Orchard is a pick-your-own operation, so prepare to pick to your heart’s desire and pile the best you can find into your basket. Don’t forget your camera, because the orchard is an amazing spot to capture some Instagrammable moments along the way while finding the perfect fruit.

After you tire from a long afternoon of apple picking, cool off with their refreshing apple slushie. It’s a fan favorite with all-natural sugars, and you can get your daily dose of fruit in a frozen sweet form.

Once you take your prized basket of hand-picked apples home, try a new recipe from Scott’s Orchard, like their apple brownies. So good.

5. Crow Mountain Orchard

Sweet apples cider is the best fall treat. Photo via Crow Mountain Orchards

The apple harvest is coming in hot at Crow Mountain Orchard, and that makes it one of the best times of the year at this farm. Not only are you guaranteed crisp apples to bring home, but their famed apple cider is available, too.

Don’t bother asking for the recipe since it’s a well-kept family secret. You’ll just have to stock up on an as many jugs as possible to last you through the season.

Will you be going apple picking this fall? If you are let us know where by tagging us @thebamabuzz!

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Miranda Shaffer
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