5 Small Businesses unique to the Mobile Bay Area

Some Of The Awesome Art And Jewelry At Black Door Studio.
A look inside Black Door Studio. Photo via Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

There is nothing like a locally-owned shop. Something about paying for goods and knowing that you’re directly helping members of your community feels so much better than regular shopping for some reason. So if you’re in the Mobile area, why not try out one of these five locally-owned shops for that touch of Mobilian flair while getting your goods?

1. A Bloom Garden Center

As someone who, at last count, had over 40 houseplants–I can guarantee you at least half of them came from A Bloom Garden Center! Between the rows of fruit trees and the five different greenhouses full of plants, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. Have a bigger project, like landscaping your entire yard? A Bloom’s got you covered there, too. Their super knowledgeable staff is always more than willing to help you curate your plants, whether you’ve got a windowsill or multiple acres.

2. Black Door Studio

Black Door Studio is absolutely my favorite place to go when I need a gift because it’s chock-full of all kinds of shiny goodies and fun stuff. Like a mini art festival all under one roof, they’ve got jewelry, home goods, accessories, and more! It’s also a locally-owned joint, so the likelihood of meeting the owner or her husband is very high. Plus, Black Door Studio is expanding over the next few years, and wouldn’t it be so cool to brag about how you knew all about it before the expansion?

3. Mobile Records

  • Address: 140B S Sage Ave, Mobile, AL
  • Contact: Facebook | (251) 479-0096
  • Hours: Open 7 Days a week, 12 – 6 pm.

Got a music lover in your life? Take ‘em on over to Mobile Records and make their entire week. They have new releases on vinyl, on top of those old classics we know you’re looking for. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Chat with one of their staff members, more often than not they can order a record for you! You can seriously get lost in the stacks of awesome music, or at least you’ll want to.

4. Urban Emporium

  • Address: 260 Dauphin St., Mobile, AL 36602
  • Contact: Website | Facebook | (251) 441-8044
  • Hours: Mon thru Fri, 10 am – 6 pm; Saturdays. 9 am – 5 pm.

Looking for a fun way to see some true Mobilian art? Look no further than the Urban Emporium. This awesome shop is absolutely bursting at the seams with cool vintage finds, local artisanal goods, and more. You’ll lose an entire afternoon here, easy, but come out with some of the coolest stuff you’ve ever seen. Definitely worth checking out.

5. The Haunted Book Shop

  • Adddress: 109 Dauphin St., Mobile, AL 36602
  • Contact: Website | Facebook | (251) 438-2904
  • Open daily, 11 am – 6 pm. Closed Sunday and Wednesday.

This is not your average bookstore. Located in the absolute heart of Downtown Mobile, The Haunted Book Shop (named after a book by the same name by Christopher Morley) is an immersive experience aimed at getting people of all ages to love reading and to find their exact genre of book. They have a book club, events for all ages, and a super friendly staff who’s willing to order any book you can’t find in stores!

If you’re in Lower Alabama in the summer, you’re going to get rained on. It’s only a matter of when. But with shops like these, you can make the absolute best out of a rainy day!

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