5 spring sweets to treat yourself to in Auburn-Opelika

Ube Latte At Ristretto Lounge 
Spring Sweets
This is your sign to get a cutesy drink and relax. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

Whether you’re nearing finals or need something to hold you over until your summer vacation, you deserve a spring treat! Here’s some of the bright and colorful pick-me-ups I’ve had around Auburn-Opelika this spring.

1. Smoothie and blueberry waffles | The Bean

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The Bean has several smoothie flavor combos to choose from. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

Warm weather always leads me to The Bean for their extensive all-natural smoothie flavors and tasty food. Smoothies not your thing? They also have a wide assortment of iced teas, frappes and other iced drinks to cool you off.

I like to pair my refreshing iced drink with a treat like their homemade waffles with blueberry compote. You can also find an assortment of ice cream flavors served in your choice of cone, ice cream sandwich, affagato or wafflgato. The colorful retro decor, floor to ceiling windows and outdoor patio make this a bright picture-perfect spot.

2. Grazer Box and strawberry matcha | The Grazer

The Grazer serves the perfect spring spread. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

A new favorite of mine is The Grazer Co. Coffee for their mini grazer charcuterie boards and strawberry matcha. I also love their Thai tea and lavender lattes.

With relaxing music, neutral decor and plenty of natural light, the indoor scenery is spring itself. You can also shop goodies from locally-owned small businesses in the shop. With locations downtown and in the Jule Collins Smith Art Museum, the Grazer is a quiet hidden gem and the perfect spot to relax.

3. Key Lime Pie Bar | Well Red

Well Red also has new pastries and treats on their dessert menu. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

Well Red’s seasonal desserts always brighten my day. Most recently, I’ve enjoyed their key lime pie bars, blueberry muffins, blueberry brioche buns and more unique pastries. Well Red’s in-house pastry chef is always adding new treats to the menu, so check their socials for the latest additions. Their covered front and back porches and outdoor seating also make this a great spot for enjoying the spring sun.

4. Gelato | Saint Bernardo Gelateria in Hey Day Market

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I always look for the coconut and early grey gelato when I visit, but they change their selection regularly. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

You can’t go wrong with good gelato. Conveniently located in Hey Day Market, it’s almost impossible to resist this sweet treat when you’re dining at Hey Day (sometimes I make a stop by just for the gelato).

5. Ube Latte | Ristretto Lounge

What’s more fun than a purple latte? (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

Want something colorful, fun and tasty? You have to try the ube latte from Ristretto Lounge. Naturally purple from ube (purple sweet potatoes) concentrate, this isn’t your typical latte. I was recommended this by the barista when I asked for something spring-y and different, and they delivered! It’s refreshing with a nutty flavor and notes of vanilla and coconut—you just have to try it for yourself.

Next on my line-up to try from Ristretto is there bingsu, a popular Korean milk-based shaved-ice dessert sweetened with vanilla sauce and sprinkled with toppings of your choice. I saw a few of these served while I was enjoying my latte and got a little bit jealous.

Ristretto’s has a refreshing ambience and is scattered with plants and yellow accents. I could spend hours here, especially with their unique menu items like the ube latte that you can’t find anywhere else in Auburn.

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