5 summer cocktails to beat the heat in Mobile

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A taste of summer! (GRACE on Dauphin / Facebook)

Need to cool down after a long day in the Alabama heat? Keep reading for a list of tasty summer cocktails that you can find in Downtown Mobile.

1. The Haberdasher’s Morning After

Cheers! (Tasha Tupa / Facebook)

The Haberdasher offers a variety of eccentric cocktails all summer long, but a very popular order is the “Morning After.” This unique beverage is composed of coconut rum, Haitian rum, amaro, coffee, pineapple, lemon, bitters and tonic water. Head over to The Haberdasher to try this tropical and energizing cocktail.

2. Squid Ink’s Queen Victoria

Squid Ink
Pinkies up! (Squid Ink Eats & Drinks / Facebook)

Keep it fresh and fruity with Squid Ink’s one-of-a-kind “Queen Victoria” cocktail! This libation consists of Absolut Peach vodka, mint, cucumber, agave syrup, ginger ale and orange peel, and will leave you wanting more. Be sure to stop by Squid Ink for an exclusive cocktail you will love.

3. POST’s MailMan’s Kid

A strawberry masterpiece (Elizabeth Winsor / The Bama Buzz)

Although POST has yet to release their summer cocktail menu, we had to shed some light on the fan-favorite “MailMan’s Kid.” Made with Absolut vodka, house-made sour, muddled strawberries and soda, this drink will have you fantasizing about relaxing on the beach after one sip.

POST is well-known for their unique and flavorful cocktails, as well as their fun and inclusive environment.

“My favorite part about owning a bar downtown is the people you meet. Not only staff, but patrons from all walks of life. Some quickly become friends and others become family.”

Luke Peavy, Owner, POST

4. The Ice Box Bar’s Salty Chihuahua

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere (The Ice Box Bar / Facebook)

Composed of tequila, ruby red grapefruit and lime, this beverage is a true taste of summer. Don’t miss out on this simple yet delicious cocktail at The Ice Box Bar.

5. Grace’s Frozen Watermelon Mojito

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Sip, sip, hooray! (Grace on Dauphin / Facebook)

Everybody loves a good mojito in the summertime, but Grace’s new frozen watermelon mojito is hard to beat! Made with three simple ingredients, Campesino rum, watermelon and mojito mix, this ice-cold refreshment is nothing short of delightful.

Take the chance to relax on their gorgeous rooftop and enjoy a refreshing mixed drink.

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