5 surprising Buc-ee’s finds you have to see to believe

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Let’s go exploring—Buc-ee’s style. (The Bama Buzz)

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Buc-ee’s—and all the surprises that come with it. After opening new locations in Athens in 2022 and another location in Auburn in 2023, Alabama now has four spots where you can get your Buc-ee’s beef jerky.

Bham Now interns Maddi and Julia explored the Leeds location (on Buc-ee’s Boulevard, of course) to see what surprising things were in store. Here’s what they found.

1. Buc-ee’s shoelaces

If you’re looking to spice up your shoe wardrobe, Buc-ee’s has you covered. They have a variety of styles of Buc-ee’s-themed shoelaces so you can show off your favorite gas station everywhere you walk.

2. Bacon grease

I bet you’ve never fried anything in this. (The Bama Buzz)

Serious bacon lovers, this one’s for you. BaconUp, available at Buc-ee’s (apparently), is a tub of rendered bacon fat for all your cooking needs—from frying to baking.

3. Dog pillows

How cute is this match? (The Bama Buzz)

If you’re looking to get your pup a twin (that doesn’t shed nearly as much), look no further. Buc-ee’s has dog-shaped pillows that match all kinds of breeds.

Maddi found a Boston Terrier pillow that looked just like her real-life version.

4. Slushee machine

Because who doesn’t want a half-gallon slushy in minutes? (The Bama Buzz)

Slushies are a nostalgic summer must-have. Make delicious slushies of your own by grabbing an ICEE machine at Buc-ee’s.

5. Cow-themed home decor

You know you want a cow mug for your morning coffee. (The Bama Buzz)

If you’re looking to get home design inspiration at a gas station, we know just the place. Buc-ee’s has a variety of home decor options, but our favorite was the cow-themed shelf complete with cowhide-patterned plats, mugs and platters.

Looking to visit Buc-ee’s and get some surprising finds of your own? Here are their Alabama locations.

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