5 things to know about JJ’s Tea House in Mobile

Outside View Of Of Jj'S Tea House On Airport Blvd
Street view of JJ’s Tea House (Yolanda Carreras / The Bama Buzz)

On Airport Boulevard in Mobile, Alabama, is a little gem serving up some of the best boba around. Offering an array of tantalizing treats and unique experiences you won’t find elsewhere, this locally-owned shop, called JJ’s Tea House, is a must-visit. Here are five things to know about it.

1. The menu at JJ’s Tea House features tons of flavors

Chalk Menu Inside Jj'S Tea House
Chalk Board Menu Inside JJ’s Tea House (Yolanda Carreras / Bama Buzz)

As you walk into JJ’s Tea House, you’re greeted by a beautifully crafted chalkboard menu that showcases a vast selection of teas, including milk tea, matcha tea and fresh fruit tea.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer your drinks on the milder side, you can customize your sweet level, ranging from 25 to 100 percent.

The menu is a paradise for boba enthusiasts, offering slush teas, special drinks, a variety of boba options and a rainbow of milk tea flavors. The combinations are nearly endless, ensuring there’s something for everyone. 

2. JJ’s Tea House has a stylish atmosphere

Indoor Lounging Area At Jj'S Tea House
Indoor Lounging Area at JJ’s Tea House (Yolanda Carreras / Bama Buzz)

JJ’s Tea House offers an abundance of seating areas perfect for meeting up with friends to play board games or simply enjoy boba and a treat!

The moment you enter JJ’s Tea House, you’ll be charmed by the open atmosphere and stylish seating. The ambiance effortlessly combines the warmth of a local cafe with the big-city, modern look.

3. JJ’s Tea House offers snacks + sweet treats, too

Snacks And Sweet Treats Section Inside Jj'S Tea House
Snacks and Sweet Treats Section inside JJ’s Tea House ( Yolanda Carreras / Bama Buzz )

JJ’s Tea House isn’t just about beverages, though. They also have a wide selection of snacks and sweet treats—from Asian-style chips that transport your taste buds to the to delectable cakes that pair perfectly with your tea.

Did we mention that JJ’s Tea House is the only spot in Mobile offering Korean-style corn dogs? Make sure to stop by and try their mozzarella-filled Korean Corn Dog! This corner of the tea house offers the perfect accompaniments to your drink if you’re looking for something a bit more filling.

4. JJ’s Tea House has games

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea At Jj'S Tea House
Brown Sugar Milk Tea at JJ’s Tea House (Yolanda Carreras / Bama Buzz)

JJ’s Tea House has an array of board games to choose from, including classics like Connect Four, Glass Chess, UNO and more. Whether you’re looking for a casual game with friends or a competitive showdown, this is a great option to do it (and enjoy a delicious boba, of course!).

OUR REC: A favorite of regulars, JJ’s Tea House’s Brown Sugar Milk Tea topped with their specialty Cheese Foam!

5. In-Store Gift Shop at JJ’s Tea House

In-Store Gift Shop At Jj'S Tea House
In-Store Gift Shop at JJ’s Tea House (Yolanda Carreras / Bama Buzz)

Before you leave JJ’s Tea House, make sure to explore the in-store gift shop. It’s brimming with charming knick-knacks, from stylish bracelets and adorable plushies to chopsticks and more. The shop is a delightful reflection of Korean culture and provides you with the opportunity to take home a piece of your JJ’s Tea House experience. 

Want to experience JJ’s Tea House for yourself? Here’s where you can find it.

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