5 thrift and antique stores to check out in Auburn

All sorts of knick knacks at Roland’s! (Emilyn Hamn/ Bama Buzz)

Whether you’re looking for vintage gems, trying to shop sustainable or just shopping on a budget, keep reading for our list of must-see thrift stores in the Auburn and Opelika area.

1. Harvest Thrift Store

Glass At Thrift
Glassware, antiques and more! (Grace Howard/ Bama Buzz)

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance this place has something for you. Carrying a wide variety of clothing, shoes, glassware, wall art and books, make sure to stop by and shop at Harvest for a great selection that won’t break the bank.

2. Mission Thrift Store

Lifesavers Thrift
Racks for miles at Mission! (Emilyn Hamn/ Bama Buzz)

One of Auburn’s most popular thrift spots, Mission Thrift Store offers aisles and aisles of cool finds. This place is a nonprofit organized by Life-Savers ministries, with 100% of proceeds contributing to supporting local Auburn community and youth. Find something for yourself or donate your usable clothes, furniture and toys.

3. Roland’s Thrift Store

Roland'S Thrift
Go say hi to Mr. Roland and take a look around! (Grace Howard/ Bama Buzz)

Are you the type of person that loves knick-knacks, trinkets and all things miscellaneous? Roland’s Thrift Store may be your new favorite place. Whether you’re looking to buy or just look around, Roland’s Thrift Store has everything you might need from glassware to light fixtures and home decorations. With reasonable prices and a huge selection, you just might find something new.

4. Almost Anything

Antique Store
The best selection of collectibles. (Emilyn Hamn/ Bama Buzz)

Located in downtown Opelika, Almost Anything is a retro lover’s heaven. Specializing in video games, comic books and vinyl records, this antique spot has all kinds of collectibles. Spend a few minutes looking around or get lost for hours, this antique store will have something special for you.

5. Angel’s Antiques and Flea Mall

Flea Market
Check out this gorgeous booth at Angel’s! (Emilyn Hamn/ Bama Buzz)

With over 68,000 square feet of space for antiques, Angel’s Antiques and Flea Market is a giant place full of unique finds. Home to over 400 vendors, this is a place you can really get lost in. With aisles full of curated vintage booths, you’re sure to leave Angel’s with something good.

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