5 U-Pick apple farms across Alabama to sweeten your fall

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5 U-Pick apple farms across Alabama to sweeten your fall 1

Whether you’re baking them into a warm, gooey pie or biting right into them, apples are the perfect way to ring in the fall season. What’s better than enjoying them straight from the source? Read on for five spots across Alabama where you can pick your own apples and bring them home.

1. Scott’s Orchard—Hazel Green

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Crisp and juicy. (Scott’s Orchard / Facebook)

Scott’s Orchard spans across both Alabama and Tennessee, so it’s safe to say you’ve got plenty of options. This family-run orchard has a wide variety of fresh apples to pick along with homemade apple pies, sauces, pie fillings, apple cider and caramel apples—yum!

2. Holmestead Farm—Talladega

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The apple of my eye. (Holmestead Farm / Facebook)

Here you’ll find 95 acres of well-manicured U-Pick farm, with a large picnic area, free ice water and Holmestead even says you can stroll through the farms barefoot. Grab some apples and then stop by their store for fresh jams, pies and more.

3. Crow Mountain Orchard—Fackler

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Homemade deliciousness. (Crow Mountain Orchard / Facebook)

This family-owned orchard has over 150 acres of fresh apples to pick, and they’ve been in the apple-growing business since 1970. Plus, they press their own fresh cider made with a family secret recipe—I definitely want to try it.

4. Steele Orchard—Cullman

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Plenty of apples to choose from. (Steele Orchard / Facebook)

With over 20 different varieties of apples to choose from and southern fried pies with rave reviews, Steele Orchard is a must-visit. Plus, homemade jams, jellies, apple butter, apple cider and gorgeously-crafted candied and caramel apples. 

NOTE: U-Pick begins September 15. Apples are available now for purchase by the bag.

5. Isom’s Orchard—Athens

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Regulars swear by Isom Orchard’s delicious slushies. (Isom’s Orchard)

Spanning four generations of growers, Isom Orchard has years of experience growing the freshest fruits just for you. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated on U-Pick opportunities, but visit anytime for hand-picked apples and incredible sweet treats.

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