5 unique non-coffee drinks to enjoy at local coffee shops in Mobile

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No coffee, no problem. (Rooted and Grounded / Facebook)

Want to experience the comfort of a coffee shop without the coffee? Keep reading for a list of yummy non-coffee beverages that you can find at local coffee shops in Mobile.

1. Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Co.’s Tiger’s Blood Springhill Chill

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Come chill with us. (Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Co. / Facebook)

This simple yet flavorful non-coffee drink is bound to make your trip to the coffee shop worthwhile. Made with watermelon syrup, strawberry syrup and coconut syrup, this Springhill chill flavor will have you feeling like you are eating an ice-cold snow cone with every sip.

Head over to Carpe Diem in the heart of Springhill to try out this tasty refreshment, especially during these high temperatures.

2. Yellowhammer Coffee’s Peach Ring Freeze

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Everything is just peachy around here. (Elizabeth Winsor / Bama Buzz)

Since it’s not necessarily popular to eat candy with your meal, why not just drink something that tastes like it? The peach ring freeze is the perfect pop of flavor that you need to brighten your day. Yellowhammer Coffee uses their signature peach puree blended with water and ice to concoct this tasty frozen drink.

Check out one of Mobile’s four Yellowhammer Coffee locations for this sweet beverage.

3. Serda’s Coffee Company’s Frozen Blueberry Cobbler

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From dessert to drink. (Serda’s Coffee Company / Facebook)

Serda’s Coffee Company officially turned everyone’s favorite dessert into a drink that is nothing short of delightful. A majority of options on their menu consist of coffee, but most items, including this one, are available without coffee as well. The frozen blueberry cobbler is made up of Serda’s base powder, milk of your choice, blueberry syrup and cinnamon bun syrup. Each sip tastes like a bite of delicious homemade blueberry cobbler.

4. Coffee Monster’s Lotus Drinks

Coffee Monster Pic 1
An all-natural energy boost. (Coffee Monster / Facebook)

Made with coffee, fruit, green coffee beans, lotus extract and nutritional botanicals, Coffee Monster’s lotus drinks are the perfect energy booster for a long day. What’s even better? They’re beautiful!

They offer 7 different flavors, including:

  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Kiwi
  • Red Raspberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Blood Orange

“Our lotus drinks feature natural caffeine straight from green coffee beans and other nutritious plants, all without the coffee taste! They still give you that needed energy boost and you even get to pick from a variety of fruity flavors to create your refreshing drink.”

Coffee Monster

5. Rooted and Grounded’s Hummingbird Refresher

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Beautiful and refreshing. (Rooted and Grounded / Facebook)

Who doesn’t love a good refresher during the summer? This delicious drink from Rooted and Grounded is composed of two simple ingredients: hibiscus tea and lemonade. Whether you’re inside utilizing their prayer room or outside enjoying the fresh air, the Hummingbird Refresher will be just the thing you need to get your day going.

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