5 unmissable farm-to-table restaurants in Alabama, including the Rattlesnake Saloon


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If you haven’t visited these restaurants, you’re missing out on some of the best meals Alabama has to offer. Photo via The Backyard Market

Supporting local business isn’t only good for the city you love—it’s good for your health! These farm-to-table restaurants in Alabama use ingredients close to home and bring outstanding food to the state.

1. Wheelhouse

If you’re not close to Wheelhouse, get ready for a trip to Opp, Alabama. Their menu changes every six months, so the ingredients are always fresh, and the meals are always phenomenal. Seafood Pot Pie, Baked Feta, BBQ Shrimp & Grits rank among the top dishes at Wheelhouse.

“My main focus with the concept of Wheelhouse is to introduce our guests to something they have never seen before or products they are familiar with but have never thought of them in certain dishes or recipes.”

Chef Jon Gibson, Wheelhouse

When you walk into Wheelhouse, you won’t feel stuffy or uncomfortable. The owners designed the establishment for every occasion—whether you’re coming for a business meeting or having a relaxed lunch with friends.

“One of the most important things is taste. In-season fruit or produce that has been ripened on the vine or tree just has an overall better flavor.

If you want to look at the broader picture, seasonal ingredients are better for our environment. Local produce means less transportation to ship, less refrigeration to store and above all, helping the local farmers in our community and surrounding area.”

Chef Jon Gibson, Wheelhouse

2. The Rattlesnake Saloon

Known as the “watering hole under the rock,” the Rattlesnake Saloon isn’t just delicious eats—it’s an entire experience. Dining here means sitting under a lot of history and cascading waterfalls.

In addition to live music and other entertainment, you’ll find an expansive menu. Part of which involves routinely updated seasonal offerings. Notable menu items include “Cook’s Buttons” (deep-fried mushrooms), “The DUKE” (a burger with bacon and snake eyes), and the classic BBQ Sandwich.

3. The Backyard Market

You’ll find more at The Backyard Market than breakfast, lunch and dinner. The local neighborhood market has:

  • Exotic meats like buffalo and elk tenderloin
  • A large specialty cheese selection

Everything sold in the restaurant and grocery store is hand-picked from vendors in the state, down to the cookies baked by two local women in the area.

“People want to support local, independent businesses. It basically boils down to people wanting to know where their food comes from.”

Jeff Gentry, Owner, The Backyard Market

Owner Jeff Gentry cites the burgers, wings and cheeseboards as their most popular items. Also, since the market has plenty of grab-and-go options like casseroles and mac and cheese, it’s a great place to swing by and pick up dinner.

Make sure to carve out time one evening to stick around and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. In the afternoons, you can head out to the huge patio for live music, Wednesday through Sunday. There’s even an area for kids to run around and play on a jumbo Jenga set.

4. Sweet Creek Farm Market

You might stumble upon a goat, chicken or peacock when you visit Sweet Creek Farm Market. Whatever wildlife you encounter, it’s unmatched compared to the wide selection of fresh produce, homemade ice cream, Cajun roast beef and sandwiches found at the establishment.

Grab a piece of peach cobbler, a turkey club and have lunch on one of the picnic benches. If you plan to stay for a while, be sure to stop by when you can catch one of their live bands playing.

  • Address: 85 Meriwether Rd, Pike Rd, AL 36064
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-7PM | Saturday 7AM-7PM | Sunday 10AM-6PM
  • Contact: Facebook | Instagram | 334-280-3276

5. Amsterdam Cafe

Fried green tomatoes, lobster egg rolls, Thai vegetable soup—Amsterdam Cafe does it all. And, they do it all with locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Since their dishes focus on what’s in season, the menu might not always be the same, but the quality is consistently superb.

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