4 vinyl record stores in Alabama + their most remarkable finds

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Let’s explore. (Sarah Gronberg / The Bama Buzz)

This year, National Vinyl Record Day—August 12—falls on a Saturday, the perfect day for some record store exploring. Here are five Alabama record stores you need to check out, plus some of their coolest treasures they’ve sold over the years.

1. Guitar Gallery in Tuscaloosa

Guitar Gallery
Guitars and records? How cool is that? (Morgan Byerley / The Bama Buzz)

Guitar Gallery has lots of—you guessed it—guitars. But there’s a lot more to this store, including vintage amps and speakers, other stringed instruments and vinyls. If you have the time, be sure to chat with the knowledgeable staff about their vintage instruments and favorite vinyls.

RARE FIND: Guitar Gallery sold a rare Elvis 45 for approximately $6,000. It was a very early pressing and a misprint, making it extremely rare.

2. Vertical House Records in Huntsville

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Vertical House Records is one of my favorites. (Sarah Gronberg / The Bama Buzz)

As a Huntsville native, I’m a bit biased on this one. Vertical House Records, located in the eclectic Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, houses tons of records, cassettes, CDs and even vintage clothing. The creaky floors, retro video games and high ceilings complete the vibe.

RARE FIND: Andy Vaughn, who owns Vertical House Records with his wife Ashley gave us the full scoop on some of their coolest finds. One of his favorites is an autographed Townes Van Zandt “For The Sake of the Song” on Poppy Records (it even had a flier inside from when he played at the Kaffeeklatsch in Huntsville!).

3. 10,000 HZ in Auburn

This vinyl store has one of the coolest atmospheres. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

10,000 HZ started in 2017 with a small pop-up shop. Six years later, it’s become one of Auburn’s most popular stops for locals and travelers alike. With thousands of records representing all genres, every music-lover can find something to love.

Plus, the atmosphere here is top-notch.

RARE FIND: In a collection owned by a old-time radio DJ, they found a 7-inch radio promo of the first Stooges single.

4. Mobile Records in Mobile

Mobile Records is a no-frills vinyl store with a simple description: “We stock vinyl records…new & used in every category you can think of and probably a few more.” (Facebook) In other words, you’re going to find some amazing records here.

RARE FIND: While not the most expensive of their vinyls, Mobile Records has a pristine copy of the iconic record “Satan is Real.” This record by the Louvin Brothers from Alabama, has a striking cover featuring the brothers in front of a hellish-looking fire (and they almost lit themselves on fire making the cover!).

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