5 ways to celebrate Earth Day in Auburn this year

Caroline Dean Wildflower Trail
Caroline Dean Wildflower Trail. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

If you haven’t already heard, Thursday, April 22nd is Earth Day! What better way to get out there and show your support for environmental protection than immersing yourself in your town’s local parks and nature? We picked out 5 fun ways to celebrate Earth Day in Auburn & Opelika this year.

1. Kiesel Park

Kiesel Park is not just your average park. There is a beautiful shaded pavilion, a large pond full of life, fields and fields of grass, and a 2.25 mile walking trail. Bring your pets and explore every corner of this cool park—but keep a vigilant eye out for snakes!

Address: 520 Chadwick Lane, Auburn AL 36832

2. Salem-Shotwell Covered Bridge

The Salem-Shotwell Bridge was originally built in 1900 to connect Salem and Shotwell, but a tragic accident with a fallen tree destroyed the bridge. However, the bridge was rebuilt in 2007 by the Lee County Historical Society and the Opelika Kiwanis Club. Now, visitors can walk over the bridge and explore the grounds behind it. We recommend walking through the Caroline Dean Wild Flower Trail for a beautiful experience with nature.

Address: Park Road, Opelika AL 36801

3. Kreher Preserve & Nature Center

Just a short drive from downtown Auburn, the Kreher Preserve & Nature Center is the perfect place to visit in honor of Earth Day. Their mission is to promote a sense of stewardship towards nature through quality environmental education, recreation, and outreach programs with Auburn and its community. If that doesn’t scream Earth Day in Auburn, I don’t know what does! They have 120 acres of land, six miles of hiking trails, and a nature playground to enjoy.

Address: North College Street, Auburn AL 36830

4. The Red Barn

The Red Barn
The Red Barn. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

The Red Barn at the Agricultural Heritage Park is definitely an Auburn favorite. Located right off of Auburn’s campus, you can be sure to find students relaxing here on any sunny day. Throw the ball with your dog, take a picnic, or just take in the sunshine here. This is one of my go-to spots to take friends, and a great place to get outside and celebrate our beautiful Earth.

Address: Agricultural Heritage Park, 620 South Donahue Drive, Auburn AL 36832

5. Chewacla State Park

Auburn is proud to be home to our very own Chewacla State Park. For only 4 dollars per adult, you can have full access to all that these 696 acres have to offer. With hiking trails, a huge lake for fishing, a waterfall, mountain biking, and camp grounds, there is something exciting for everyone to do. This would truly be high up on my list of ways to celebrate Earth Day!

Address: 124 Shell Toomer Parkway, Auburn AL 36830

Getting outside and enjoying nature with friends and family has become especially important this past year. I can tell that this Earth Day is going to be good one with everyone wanting to spend time with loved ones outside. These options are a guaranteed good time, and you are sure to feel closer to nature after visiting.

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