5 ways to enjoy fig season to the fullest

Do you what the most notable fruit throughout history is? One mentioned in almost every religion, considered a gift from the gods by the Romans and a sign of great harvest by the Greeks is the fig. In the South you might have grown up picking them off trees in late summer or watching your mom turn them into jam, but there’s no doubt this fruit is known and loved by many. It’s finally time to enjoy our favorite, the fig, once again, and we’ve rounded up the best ways for you to do just that this season.

We figgin’ love this fruit. Photo via Frenando Andrade/Unsplash

1. FigBrew—Coffee Alternative

Fig Coffee
Figs and coffee sounds pretty good to me. Photo via FigBrew

This Huntsville based company has created something revolutionary in the world of coffee. Using dried ground up figs instead of coffee grounds, they discovered a healthier, tasty alternative to give you your daily boost. Since figs are packed full of antioxidants, you’ll get that essential dose of extra energy without filling your body with caffeine.

If you’re an extreme coffee lover and can’t give up the classic brew, try mixing FigBrew with your coffee grounds; it makes it a smidge healthier while adding an exciting zing of flavor.

Order FigBrew online at their website or find it via several locations in the Huntsville area including Dragon’s Forge Café, Oakwood Farms Market and Harrison Brothers’ Hardware.

2. Stone Hollow— Fig Preserves

Fresh off the tree. Photo via Stone Hollow

If you’ve ever had fig preserves, you know they’re good on most everything. Biscuits, toast, cheese and even ice cream are perfect vehicles to load on Stone Hollow’s Fig Preserves.

These classic preserves are made with figs plucked fresh from the branch and combined with simple syrup for a dreamy glass jar of deliciousness. Try their Fairytale Fig Preserves and the Specialty Fig Preserves for a dash of whiskey or cognac in your jar. Love goat cheese? Their goat cheese with fig preserves is a fan fave.

Order preserves and other products from Stone Hollow’s website or find them at various farmers markets and stores in Alabama.

3. Hot and Hot Fish Club—Fig Panna Cotta

Hot And Hot Fish Club
You can never go wrong with dinner at Hot and Hot. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for The Bama Buzz

Head over to Birmingham’s Hot and Hot Fish Club for a spectacular dining experience that’s made complete with their Fig Panna Cotta dessert. If you’ve never had panna cotta, it’s time to change that. It’s a creamy, silky pudding-like Italian dessert that I could eat for days.

All of Hot and Hot’s dishes are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and the Fig Panna Cotta is no exception. You can expect a delightful taste of the freshest figs in the South with each bite, so get it while you can before the season ends.

4. McCraw Farms U-Pick

Everyone loves figs even ladybugs. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for The Bama Buzz

There’s nothing better than fresh fruit, and at McCraws Farms in Maplesville you can have just that. Pick your figs straight off the tree, and take them home to whip up a tasty tart, jam or just wash and eat them plain.

Check their Facebook to see fruit availability and prices.

  • Location: 7299 County Rd 15, Maplesville, AL 36750
  • Hours: Daily 7AM-3PM
  • Facebook

5. Community Naturals Brown Sugar + Fig Soap

Simple soap with the best scents. Photo via Community Naturals

Invite the sweet smell of figs into your daily routine with Community Naturals Brown Sugar + Fig Soap. Their soap is simply made with a base of buttermilk, honey and oat. Their Brown Sugar + Fig Soap has notes of fig, the sweetness of brown sugar and a base of sandalwood that will leave your skin smelling amazing.

Community Naturals is a not-for-profit company that employs adults with disabilities and supports the special needs community, so you can buy great soap while helping an even greater cause.

You can find their products online or at a variety of stores throughout Alabama including Sozo Trading Co. and Irondale Pickers.

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