5 yummy boba shops to try in Auburn

Treat yourself to a boba tea this week at one of Auburn’s boba shops. (Yummy Villa / Facebook)

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth or get your caffeine boost? Try boba from one of Auburn’s local shops! With a wide variety of toppings, boba, teas and added flavors, anyone can find a boba they like. Whether you like fruity teas with bursting boba, a Thai tea with tapioca pearls, or a coffee milk tea, boba tea is the perfect sweet treat.

1. Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea has lots of unique flavor combos to try. (Kung Fu Tea / Facebook)

Kung Fu Tea is a popular boba tea chain with over 350 locations across the US. Conveniently located downtown, this is great spot to stop by for a quick pick-me-up. If you’re new to boba, try one of the fan favorites or ask an employee for a recommendation. Kung Fu Tea has an extensive menu of hot or cold customizable classic teas, milk teas, fruit slushes and more. Pick from an array of toppings, boba and jellies.

2. Tiger VR Cafe

Enjoy a high-tech experience with the robot waiter and cotton candy dispenser at Tiger VR Cafe. (Tier VR Cafe / Facebook)

Tiger VR Cafe is a must-visit for the unique, fun experience. Highlights of this cute locally-owned shop include a virtual reality machine, a robot that brings your order to your table, a colorful cotton candy machine and an amazing menu.

3. Yummy Villa

A Yummy Villa boba tea and bubble waffle ice cream roll will put a smile on your face. (Yummy Villa / Facebook)

Yummy Villa is a colorful fun boba shop with boba teas and picture-perfect desserts. Pair your bubble tea with a fun bubble waffle ice cream.

4. Mochiatsu

Mochi Donut
Here’s a glimpse of the colorful mochi donuts you can get with your boba at Mochiatsu. (Mochiatsu / Facebook)

Mochiatsu is Auburn’s newest mochi donut and boba shop in downtown. Grab a boba and a yummy featured mochi donut. Check their socials for details on their grand opening to try their boba.

5. Shake Seafood & Bubble Tea

Shake Seafood

Try Shake Seafood & Bubble Tea next time you’re craving seafood or boba. (Shake Seafood & Bubble Tea / Facebook)

Now this is a unique shop combo—Shake Seafood & Bubble Tea offers a variety of bubble tea including creme brûlée, taffy, Oreo cake and red bean flavors plus a variety of seafood meals.

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