6 more Auburn bands/artists taking the local music scene by storm

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The Brook And The Bluff
The Brook and The Bluff is one of many bands with roots in Auburn. (Dylan Basden / Dylan Basden Photography)

Last week, we gave you the scoop on 5 local Auburn artists performing at Auburn’s DIY music festival, AubFest.

This week, we’re featuring 6 more local artists you need to have on your radar if you’re like me and always on the hunt for the next best artist. Keep reading to discover more of Auburn’s local talent!

What’s the local Auburn music scene like?

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Fans enjoying Bruh Collective’s performance at the Crown of Comedy in Auburn. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

The local music scene in Auburn is one of passion, community and fun. There is no shortage of live music in Auburn, whether it’s small house shows promoted by DIY AUBURN, busking in downtown, or organized events like AubFest.

One of the many recent performances by The Official Bard of Baldwin County. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

The first local artist I saw perform was Jackson Chambers, aka the Official Bard of Baldwin County, at one of the “Concerts on Campus” hosted by Auburn University student radio station WEGL 91.1 FM. I started seeking out more of the Bard’s gigs, and slowly discovered more local talent.

The vitality of the local music scene is awe-inspiring—the dedicated circle of music lovers show up and show out for every local show. I asked the Bard what they think the importance of supporting your local music scene is—here’s what they had to say:

“Having a strong local scene is important because, put simply, community is what makes all of this worthwhile! Being able to be a part of a strong group of people that appreciate music and other art forms allows you to not only build confidence as a performer, but also just as a person.

There’s this anthropological concept called communal effervescence or communitas which basically refers to the collective elevation of feeling and emotion during community events. That’s what happens every time we throw a show—people are in this crazy state of being that only happens when you’re around art made by the people you love.”

Jackson Chambers, The Official Bard of Baldwin County
If there’s a show, concert photographer Dylan Basden is there. (Dylan Basden / Dylan Basden Photography)

At almost every local music event is concert photographer and Auburn student Dylan Basden. With much more exposure to the local music scene, Dylan offered his insight on Auburn’s local bands.

“I’ve actually been thinking about how much I’ve loved photographing local music here lately. Between digging through my archives and the recent resurgence in house show gigs, it’s been really nice to revisit my roots.

A lot of people sometimes don’t think about it in a local music scene, but not only is it a catalyst for upcoming musicians, but also other creatives and future music industry workers. I’ve gotten to photograph huge acts like Gorillaz, The Lumineers, and even Paul McCartney, and none of that would have been possible without the local music scenes I cut my teeth in photographing.”

Dylan Basden, Dylan Basden Photography, Live Events Director of WEGL 91.1 FM, Student at Auburn University

Here are the 6 Auburn artists you need to have on your radar:

1. Zeph Embers

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Check out Zeph Embers if you like easy listening. (Dylan Basden / Dylan Basden Photography)

Zeph Embers is a local singer/songwriter, designer and YouTuber. I remember seeing Zeph perform for the first time at an open mic—his voice is soft and serene and his music is soothing and playful. There is something familiar and comforting about his voice, and he has such a warm presence at his performances.

“I’ve been writing music since I got my first guitar in 2014. I get my influence from a mix of genres from jazz, R&B and hip hop, all the way to classical, indie folk and pop.”

Zeph Embers, musician

Zeph has been building himself a debt-free contemporary home where he spent last summer self-recording his next album. He believes in minimalism, good health and community.

2. ZeeThaNomad

ZeeTheNomad always entrances her audience with her tactful lyricism and powerful messages. (Dylan Basden / Dylan Basden Photography)

Zion “Zee” McThomas is a grad student by day and multifaceted artist by night. When Zee isn’t digging in the archives and doing research as a graduate student in Auburn University’s history department, she is making music.

Zee has been making emotional, raw music since 2018 and has recently formed a creative group called Landing Zone with WEGL’s Luke Walker and Jackson Chambers. She makes art in the form of hip hop, jazz, R&B, and poetry with the purpose of being a voice of resistance, love and community.

3. Supper Club

Supper Club consists of Jackson Durkee (bassist), Billy Prewitt (drummer), Griffin Smiley (guitarist) and Robert Cowen (guitarist). (Dylan Basden / Dylan Basden Photography)

Supper Club is a southern indie rock group started in 2019 by four life-long friends during their time at Auburn University.

Just three weeks ago, Supper Club released their debut self-titled album and just finished up a southeast tour with more spring tour dates to be announced. The band’s debut album has been in the works for over a year and was made with expansive influences, multiple songwriters and lots of love.

4. Bedhead

Bedhead Auburn
One of my personal favorites that Bedhead performs is a cover of “Doctor Worm” during which Isaac tapes a kazoo to his guitar neck and puts his own fun spin on the song. (Bedhead / Facebook)

Isaac Keller is a design student Auburn who started his project “Bedhead” as a means to share his passion for music. Now joined by friends Noah Cook and Cole Sibley, the band Bedhead performs a variety of originals and covers, sticking mostly to an acoustic midwest emo sound with folksy instrumentation. Isaac’s very distinct vocals and intensely curated instrumentation make for a lively, crowd-pleasing performance that keeps his audience beaming and laughing.

5. The Stews

The Stews are made up of Auburn students Bennet Baugus, Blake Dobbs, Wyatt Griffith and Preston Hall. (Dylan Basden / Dylan Basden Photography)

The Stews emerged from a group of friends’ impromptu basement jam session in Fall 2020 in Auburn. After performing gigs around Auburn, the Stews started gaining popularity and booking shows and festivals across the southeast.

Last year, The Stews went on tour with another band of Auburn alumni, the Vegabonds.

6. The Brook and the Bluff

You need to check out The Brook and the Bluff if you haven’t already. (Dylan Basden / Dylan Basden Photography)

The Brook and the Bluff are one of Auburn’s biggest success stories. Fans LOVE the Brook and the Bluff and have traveled all over to see them open and headline shows. I’ve seen them open for Dayglow at Auburn University’s fall concert, and it’s evident why they’ve found success.

Originally from Birmingham and now based in Nashville, things took off the The Brook and The Bluff during their time at Auburn University. Now, the band has performed sold-out shows across the country and has charted on Spotify’s US and Canada Viral 50 Playlists.

Their folk pop music is perfect for early mornings, outdoor exploring and easy listening. If you haven’t already heard their top hit “Halfway Up,” this is your sign to listen. You can see the Brook and the Bluff on their spring tour starting in April.

How to support the artists

DIY AUBURN posts announcements about local shows so you don’t miss out.

If you can’t make it to AubFest 2 but still want to support the local music scene, follow DIYAUBURN and the artists’ socials to stay up to date on their new releases, announcements and pop-up shows. You can also support by engaging with the bands on social media and giving their music a listen on your preferred streaming platform.

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