6 murals in Dothan you have to see

Eagle Mural Dothan
The eagle is one of the many animals shown on the Wildlife in the Wiregrass Mural in Dothan. (Audrey Kent / The Bama Buzz)

The many murals throughout Dothan showcase the city’s colorful and fascinating history through scenes of events, people, animals, music and more. Keep reading to learn about six of our favorite murals in Dothan and the Wiregrass region.

1. Wildlife in the Wiregrass

Alabama is known for its incredibly diverse ecosystem, and locals have many ways of enjoying it—hiking, hunting, fishing and so much more. Dothan and the Wiregrass area are no different, and this mural spotlights the local ecosystem’s beauty.

The Wildlife in the Wiregrass Mural stretches far along the walls it is painted on, vividly featuring numerous animals and their habitats found in the region.

2. The Steamboat Era

The Steamboat Era Mural in Dothan is important because it shows how the steamboat contributed to the success of the Wiregrass area prior to railroads in 1889. Depicting what life looked like for locals in the Steamboat Era, there’s lots of visual detail to explore in this mural.

3. Early Commerce in the Wiregrass

The Early Commerce in the Wiregrass is one of many murals that showcase the early history of the Wiregrass area and Southeast Alabama. Some of these early industries include turpentine, logging, cotton and the railroad, which are artfully displayed in this St. Andrews Street mural.

4. Wiregrass Music

Dothan is a city that loves and appreciates music. In Downtown Dothan, where many of the iconic murals are, there is a three-part mural honoring contemparary and country music artists with ties to the Wiregrass area. One of these artists include Buddy Buie, a Dothan-born songwriter.

5. Johnny Mack Brown

Johnny Mack Brown Mural Dothan
Johnny Mack Brown was a Hollywood star born in Dothan. (Visit Dothan)

Johnny Mack Brown was known as “The Singing Cowboy” and starred in many Western films.

Before he became a star, he was a Dothan resident and native. The Johnny Mack Brown Mural is a tribute to his career and legacy.

6. The Dothan Riot

The Dothan Riot Mural
The Dothan Riot is a significant event in the city’s history. (Visit Dothan)

The Dothan Riot Mural depicts a scene that could be from a movie. There’s a lot to take in while looking at this painted battle.

In October 1889, not long after Dothan was incorporated, a riot broke out at the public well and bell tower over a tax levied on commercial days. Two people died, and several were wounded. However, the tax stayed in place.

On the same street the riot took place, the Dothan Riot Mural can be found.

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