NEW: $30 million, 600-seat performing arts center coming to Enterprise

Enterprise Performing Arts
Let the building begin! (Enterprise State Community College)

A small town in Alabama is getting a big community center. Enterprise State Community College just broke ground on its new Performing Arts Center—read on for all the details on this $30 million development.

It will feature 600 seats + state-of-the-art classrooms

Enterprise Performing Arts Center
These students will soon be singing in a brand-new facility. (Enterprise State Community College)

Enterprise State Community College hasn’t built a new facility on campus in over 30 years—so this is a pretty big deal. Here are some of the features of the new Performing Arts Center.

  • 600 seats
  • 50,000 square feet
  • Professional-grade theatrical lighting
  • State-of-the-art classrooms in the two-story academic wing

Not only will this center be used for the college, it will also be used for the whole community.

Who’s building it + when it will be complete

Enterprise Nighta
This beautiful facility is going to be a community hub. (Enterprise State Community College)

When can we expect to see shows at the new center? White-Spunner Construction, the construction manager for the project, expects it to be completed in December of 2024.

“This building will be a home to fine arts for our students, our local community, and the Wiregass as a whole. We can’t wait to see the end result!”

Enterprise State Community College (Facebook)

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