7 spots to get COVID-19 tested in Huntsville/Madison

Covid-19 Tested In Huntsville
Get COVID-19 tested in Huntsville. Photo via Huntsville Hospital Facebook

It’s been almost two years since we were introduced to COVID-19. Yet, somehow it doesn’t seem to be slowing down… At all. With new variants, there is an increase in COVID cases. Need to get COVID-19 tested in Huntsville/Madison? Here are seven spots for you.

COVID-19 tests may be hard to come by

The idea of an at-home test sounds appealing. Until you can’t find one.

  • According to CVS, Rapid Tests are currently unavailable; results will be available in 1-2 days
  • Most places require an appointment; walk-ins are on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • COVID at-home tests are selling out at Walgreens and CVS upon shipment
  • Walgreens has PCR and Rapid Tests available at specific locations; see if there are any available testing sites near you
  • You can find even more Huntsville testing locations, thanks to Alabama.gov
  • Walgreens offers drive-thru testing locations
  • Bring your insurance card and ID with you to any testing site

1. Huntsville Hospital Urgent Care

Huntsville Hospital Urgent Care offers three ways to get COVID-19 tested in Huntsville—rapid test (results during your visit), PCR test (results in 2-5 days) and even an antibody blood test (results in 2-3 days).

2. Madison Hospital Wellness Center

You’ll find a tent outside of the Wellness Center. Here, you can be tested for COVID-19 with a PCR test. Results can take up to 48 hours.

3. Huntsville Hospital Fever & Flu Clinic

Huntsville Hospital Fever & Flu Clinic offers PCR testing.

4. Synergy Wellness

Synergy Wellness can do a rapid test, antibody test or PCR test.

5. Microphase Clinical Laboratory

Microphase Clinical Laboratory will let you know your PCR results within the same day.

6. Urgent Care for Children – Madison

You can get a rapid test, PCR test or antibody test at Urgent Care for Children. Adults (over the age of 22) can also be seen and tested at this location.

7. Madison Medical Associates

At Madison Medical Associates, you can drive through to get your COVID-19 testing. The test will be sent off and may take several days for results.

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