9 of the buzziest spots for homegrown honey in Alabama

Southern Sweet Bee Honey
Homegrown honey is always a good addition to your next meal (or dessert). Photos via Southern Sweet Bee

From adding a little oomph to your next dessert, making marinade or treating yourself to an at-home spa day, local honey is always a good idea. If you need to restock soon, we’ve got you covered with these nine Alabama-based honey makers.

Let me preface this with the fact that I’m a honey fanatic. I put it in all my coffee, add it to every dish and cocktail possible, and once I even tried an ill-advised face mask made of honey (I don’t recommend unless you want to ruin a pillowcase). If you want to learn even more about locally-made honey, we’ve got you covered.

1. Southern Sweet Bee

Southern Sweet Bee is an Alabama-based honey company that raises their bees on-site for homegrown honey. Just a few of their products include organic honey and beeswax candles. A scroll through their Facebook shows some of the many ways you can use a jar of Southern Sweet Bee, including adding them to a rack of ribs for a hint of sweetness at your next barbecue.

2. R+L Honey Farms

What started as a hobby in Cullman is now a thriving business venture and a supplier of delicious local honey. R and L Honey Farms raises bees and makes honey, as well as educates people about the importance of our little buzzy friends and how they impact the surrounding ecosystem.

Some of their honey products include jars of honey (naturally), honey sticks and creamed honey. Their website also features an entire section of honey-based recipes, from cookies to bacon, cheddar and chive scones. Yum!

3. Grammer Honey Company

Grammer Honey Company
Find Grammer Honey Products at Off the Beaten Path in Tuscaloosa. Photo via Grammer Honey Company’s Facebook

Grammer Honey Company uses Italian Honeybees to create a decadent honey mixture that will enhance any recipe (or you can just eat it straight). This family-owned and operated business in McCalla offers a wide selection of honey products, from your classic jars to actual bees.

4. Coastal Honey Farm

Coastal Honey Farm
This habanero-infused honey is a great addition to a homemade marinade. Photo via Coastal Honey Farm

This family business began in 1956 when Pete Green was stung by a bee, and his profound curiosity inspired him to start his own apiary. Now his son runs Coastal Honey Farm, which raises bees and sells wildflower honey, beeswax lip balm and honey candles.

5. Eastaboga Bee Company

Eastaboga’s honey is a huge hit in the Birmingham area. You can find their raw wildflower honey in stores like Piggly Wiggly, and in the kitchens of restaurants like Alabama Peanut Co., Ariccia Trattoria and Big Spoon Creamery (to name just a few). Hands down one of the most popular honey producers in Alabama, they also make candles, lip balm, lotion and even wood polish.

6. Garden Honey Bee

Garden Honey Bee
Photos via Garden Honey Bee

Garden Honey Bee is an Alabama apiary near Orange Beach that makes a variety of honey, from jalapeño to wildflower. They also make creamed honey that looks absolutely luxurious. But my recipe recommendation would be to add their jalapeño honey to your next chicken marinade for a sweet kick. You can order online at their website, or find them at Alabama Goods in Homewood.

7. Sweetgum Ridge Apiaries

Sweetgum Ridge Honey
Photo via Sweetgum Ridge Apiaries

Sweetgum Ridge Apiaries is located in Lowndesboro and produces local honey with naturally-raised bees. Their array of honey-based produces includes lip balms, wildflower and cinnamon honey, pure honeycombs, beeswax bars and creamed honey.

My personal recommendation: add a dollop of creamed honey to your next smoothie, milkshake or coffee for a sweet twist. Their cinnamon honey also sounds divine in place of sugar in your morning cup of coffee.

8. Foxhound Bee Company

Foxhound Bee Company
Check out honey by the zipcode at Foxhound. Photo via Foxhound Bee Company

Specializing in beekeeping, Foxhound Bee Company also sells several bee-made products. Their jars of honey list the areas in which the bees foraged from, from Avondale to Bessemer. This Hardware Park company also offers fresh beeswax and live bees. In store, you can also bring your own jar and get it filled with honey of your choice.

9. T + A Bee Company

T And A Bee Farm Honey
Photo via T + A Bee Farm

In Northwest Alabama, T + A Bee Farm uses Italian bees to create delicious local honey. They also sell packages of bees and other beekeeping supplies to help you get started on your apiary journey. You can find them in local markets around Russellville, and you can order online.

Mouth watering yet? You can order all of these honeys from the companies’ websites and get started with your next honey-themed dish today.

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