A generous gift for Hanceville: Nearly 20 acres of land will bring new green space for all to enjoy

Veteran’s Park will soon have a new neighbor. Photo via City of Hanceville

The city of Hanceville is celebrating a major gift: 19.52 acres of land, valued at approx. $200,000, has been donated to expand the town’s public parks. We spoke with Mayor Kenneth Nail to understand the impact this new advancement will have for Hanceville citizens.

The Larry and Lillie Tucker Arboretum

Mayor Nail and the city council unanimously approved the donation. Photo via City of Hanceville

At their city council meeting last month, the Hanceville city council unanimously agreed to receive the generous land donation from Lillie Tucker. Nail shared that Tucker was raised in Hanceville, and has always had an incredibly giving heart for the community. Appraised at approx. $200,000, it’s no small gift.

To honor the bountiful contribution, the city council promptly gave the land a new name: The Larry and Lillie Tucker Arboretum.

Expansion in Hanceville

A popular trend across Alabama, the town is the latest to bring new expansions to their outdoor spaces. Nail is hopeful that the arboretum will be open this time next year.

Located just south of Cullman, the town of roughly 3500 residents is thrilled to see another green space added to their community.

Where will it be located?

For those unfamiliar with the Hanceville area, Nail offered the landmark of Veteran’s Park, shown on the map below. Though it will need to be approved by the city council, the hope is to connect Hanceville’s existing greenway, Veterans Park and this new addition, to offer citizens a robust walking path.

They also hope to build a new pathway under Mud Creek Bridge on 31 (shown below), so that walkers won’t have to cross any busy highways or roads along their route.

A tranquil, natural outdoor space

The Mayor’s idea for the arboretum is to be as minimally processed as possible. The low-maintenance plan is twofold: first, to create as natural and tranquil a space as possible and second, to be certain the upkeep and development is manageable for the town.

High-level concepts for the park include developing unpaved walking trails, minor enhancements/clean up to the existing land, and building a few pavilions.

Great News for Hanceville Residents

The city of Hanceville is excited to expand their green spaces. Photo via City of Hanceville, Dave Warren

Nail is thrilled to share this news and knows it will be extremely beneficial for the physical and mental health of the community.

“We’re trying to promote good health and a place for folks to walk, enjoy themselves and have a little peaceful quality time. In the hustle and bustle and busy times we’re living in, you can walk back there and take a deep breath and really appreciate nature.”

Kenneth Nail, Mayor of Hanceville

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