A guide to fresh produce in the Auburn-Opelika area

Opelika Farmers Market
Opelika Farmers Market. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

Fresh produce can sometimes be very hard to come by, especially when you don’t know where to find it. Good fruits and veggies are important things that need to be incorporated into everyone’s daily diet. Farms, farmers markets, and community gardens are three of the best ways to ensure that you keep them in your life. We’ve found 5 of the best places to get fresh produce in the Auburn-Opelika area!

1. Parkway Farmers Market

Parkway Farmers Market
Parkway Farmers Market in Opelika. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

The Parkway Farmers Market is open year-round, and thank goodness. This family owned market in Opelika has amazing produce at even better prices. It makes me wonder why anyone gets produce at anywhere other than a local farmers market? They have every fruit or vegetable you could imagine, and then some.

2. Opelika Farmers Market

This cute and quaint farmers market is another great option for those of you looking to get some fresh produce. Opelika Farmers Market is the perfect place to go to brighten up any kitchen. In the words of this local store: buy fresh, buy local!

  • Address: 411 South 10th Street, Opelika AL 36801
  • Contact: 334.705.0010 | Facebook

3. Hornsby Farms

This beautiful family-owned farm in Auburn is special because of the multiple ways that customers can access its fresh produce. Hornsby Farms produce and goods can be sold through farm stands, farmers markets, or delivered right to your door weekly. That means there is no excuse to not be taking full advantage of this amazing place.

4. O Grows Community Garden

Another option for getting fresh produce is using a community garden in your area. O Grows is a community garden right in the heart of Opelika. You can sign up for a spot to grow your own fresh produce, and the spots that are not being taken up are used to grow fruits and veggies to donate to the food insecure community. Not sure how to grow your own fresh produce? No problem, O grows has monthly workshops.

5. The Community Garden at Auburn University

Another community garden sits right off of Auburn’s campus and is available for the public to rent a spot to grow. They partner with the university to get students more access to fresh produce and involved in the community, all while learning more about planting. They also partner with the university dining plan to incorporate fresh produce into meals.

Getting fresh produce at your local farmers market, farm, or community garden is good for you and good for the community!

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