Adorable black bear cubs discovered in DeKalb County, Alabama (PHOTOS)

Black Bears
(Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Facebook Page/Billy Pope)

The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division (AWFFD) posted photos on their Facebook page of a recent discovery of black bear cubs in DeKalb County

State Mammal

The official state mammal,  Black Bears were numerous when the state of Alabama was founded in 1819. Today, black bears reside in only two areas of the Yellowhammer State — Northeast corner and in the Mobile and Washington County areas.

Monitoring Collars

According to the post, Wildlife officials were able to apply monitors to the cubs. The devices stretch and do not hinder their comfort. The scientists track and monitor the bears in an effort to bring back the bear to the state.

Here is From the Outdoor Alabama Facebook page:

“We continue to monitor Alabama’s BLACK BEAR population and thought you’d like to see the kind of work we are doing with fresh CUBS. These nubbins were located in DeKalb County. The sow is briefly spooked away while the cubs are collared, weighed, and “microchipped” with a PIT tag. The tracking collars will give us data about the cubs’ activities as they grow. They are stretchy and will fall off before they hinder the cub’s comfort. Mama bear was collared long ago, and returned to care for the cubs quickly after our exit. Black bears were once more populous statewide, but they could still be potentially seen in every county.” 

Want to Learn More About Black Bears?

Black Bears
(Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Facebook Page/Billy Pope)

Interested in the history of Black Bears in Alabama and efforts to bring them back? Bham Now published a comprehensive story about the program in 2020.

Check it out: Black bears, our state mammal, are returning to Alabama. See how these cubs will help us.

Wildlife officials are  asking that if you see tracks, or even bears, to record your data and submit it to their website here.

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