Alabama named 3rd most polite state in the nation

Florence Alabama
Nothing can beat those sweet, southern manners. (Southern Hospitality Holdings / Facebook)

Yep—you read that right—Alabama is ranked the third most polite state in the United States. Google trends search data shows which states are ranked as most polite, as well as their common phrases and compliments. Keep reading to see how other states match up to sweet home Alabama.

Expressing affection

Has anyone ever called you sweetheart, sugar or honey? What about dollface? According to this WordFinder study, Alabama’s most searched term of endearment was “dollface.”

While the study showed that southern states such as Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia leaned towards the terms “darling” and “beautiful”, Florida, West Virginia and Pennsylvania preferred “hottie” or “love.”

Sweet, southern slang

If the terms people search are any indication of how they actually communicate, it seems likely that you can have a more endearing and polite conversation in Alabama than anywhere else. And who are we to argue?

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Callie Morrison
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