Alabama ranked #10 in best states to go fishing

Grab your rod and bait because Bama is #10 for best states to go fishing. Photo via Matthew Niblett for The Bama Buzz

Are you an avid fisher? Then Alabama may be the perfect place for you. Alabama was ranked tenth on Lawn Love’s 2021 Best and Worst States to go fishing. Get reeled into the details here.

What are the qualifications?

Chuck'S Lake Martin, Fishing
How old were you when learned how to fish? Photo via Emilyn Hamn for The Bama Buzz

Lawn Love ranked every state in the U.S. to determine 2021’s Best and Worst States for Fishing by looking at these four things:

  • High levels of community interest in the sport
  • An abundance of water sources
  • Easy access to gear
  • Affordable fishing licenses

They also provided in-depth results, fishing by numbers (for the U.S.) and fishing experts’ take. In addition to Alabama’s high ranking, one of the experts who gave their take is Russell A. Wright, an Associate Professor & Extension Specialist at Auburn University.

Alabama’s rankings

Saltwater Fisher From Unsplash
Where in Alabama do you love to go fishing? Photo via Clay LeConey on Unsplash

Now, time for the information you all have been waiting for—the rankings. Alabama ranked:

  • #10 overall in the 2021’s best and worst states for fishing
  • #26 in community
  • #13 in access
  • #8 in fishing license cost
  • #25 in supplies (fishing gear stores)

Alabama’s overall score is 37.72. The best way to celebrate is fishing of course, but have you ever considered doing so while in a kayak? Check out this story to learn all about it.

Interested in more Alabama rankings? We’ve got you covered:

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