Alabama ranks among top 5 best tippers for food industry + service workers in the US

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Tipping helps support our loyal service industry workers. (Unsplash)

Who says Southern hospitality isn’t real? In a recent study from Upgraded Points, Alabama ranked among the top five best tippers for food industry and service workers in the US. Read on to find out where we ranked.

Surprising results

Whether you’re visiting a restaraunt or getting your hair done at the salon, leaving a tip goes the extra mile to show appreciation for those who work hard to provide us with goods and services.

The results of the study revealed that tips can vary widely from state to state—and the best tipping percentages are not always found in the wealthiest states.

Upgraded Points surveyed 3,500 people across the US for one week, asking participants about their tipping habits and emotional responses towards tipping to determine which states tip the most and the least.

Note: Due to a lack of responses in certain states, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming are not included in this study.

Where did Alabama rank?

Based on the survey response of 3,500 Americans, Alabama comes in at #4 for best tipping overall with 15.7% of residents tipping 25% or more. Here are the top five rankings across the country, based on the percentage of residents that tip 25% or more:

  1. New Hampshire—19.6%
  2. Ohio—19.2%
  3. North Carolina—16%
  4. Alabama—15.7%
  5. Iowa—15.7%

As far as the worst tippers go, California came in on top with over 74% of residents tipping 15% or less on average. Oregon, Idaho, Maryland and Wisconsin follow closely behind.

Along with fascinating information about how each state tips, check out some more data that was gathered from the study:

  • Over 65% of Americans have felt that they should tip more since the onset of COVID-19
  • 30% of Americans think it’s okay to eat out at a restaurant, even if you can’t afford to tip the server
  • Roughly half (48%) of all Americans would take away a tip for bad service
  • Over a third of females (35%) tip more because they have worked in the service industry.

Way to show that good ole Southern hospitality, Alabama!

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