Albertville earns prestigious Woz ED designation—the first in Alabama

Albertville Woz Ed
Congratulations, Albertville! (Albertville City Schools / Facebook)

School starts on August 3 for Albertville City Schools, and they’re going into the new year with an impressive title. Read on to find out how they became Alabama’s first Woz ED Career Pathway District.

What’s a Woz ED Career Pathway District?

Albertville City Schools Woz Ed
These teachers are contributing to the Albertville community in a big way. (Albertville City Schools / Facebook)

“Woz ED” may be a funny-sounding title, but it’s a serious honor. The name comes from Steve Wozniak, the guy who built the Apple II computer and co-founded Apple. Now, he’s building an organization—Woz ED—dedicated to helping schools create bright, techy futures for students.

“Woz Pathway Districts, Schools, and Organizations are an elite group of educators that exemplify teaching and learning designed for students to explore their future in the tech economy.”

Woz ED’s Website

The title of Woz ED Career Pathway District has only been given to 10 schools districts so far, and Albertville is the first in the state of Alabama.

Why Albertville?

Albertville City Schools Woz Ed
This is a big win for Albertville. (Albertville City Schools / Facebook)

The Albertville City School System has worked hard to become a Woz ED Career Pathway District. Here’s what they’ve implemented at their schools (according to their website):

  • Every school has a dedicated STEM room + STEM teacher
  • Every school has a STEM schedule accommodating to all students
  • Nine career pathways (including artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality, coding, cybersecurity and more)
  • 1-3 device-to-student ratio

Albertville’s partnership with Woz ED doesn’t stop at the designation, though. They’ll work together now and in the future, using Woz ED curriculum and providing students with unique resources and opportunities.

“This partnership allows us to take a giant leap forward in providing our students with an exceptional educational experience rooted in innovation and technology. We believe that empowering our students with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age is of paramount importance, and this collaboration will undoubtedly elevate our ability to do so.”

Spring Charles, ACS Technology Coach (Website)

This recognition comes on the heels of Albertville’s Farm to Sea camp in June, which allowed students a unique hands-on experience with STEM fields through rocket launches, AI and more. Needless to say, Albertville is setting the bar high for education.

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