All you need to know about Serving the Shields Blood Drive in Florence this Saturday

Lifesouths Mobile Buys
LifeSouth’s Mobile Blood Drive bus. Photo Via LifeSouth.

Live in the Florence area and interested in donating blood? Well, LifeSouth is having a special mobile blood drive and looking for donors. Below, we’ve gathered all the information you should know about the drive.

About LifeSouth

Lifesouths Logo
LifeSouth’s Logo. Photo Via

LifeSouth is a community blood bank that serves hospitals in multiple cities throughout Alabama, Georgia and Florida. The non-profit organization has made it their mission to provide to communities in need, and they are also highly dedicated to donating the highest quality of donor blood to hospital patients throughout the area.

LifeSouth arranges over 2,000 blood drives a month, so there’s always a chance for anyone looking to donate. To see when a LifeSouth blood drive will be in your area, check their website.

Why the Blood Drive?

LifeSouth’s Mission. Photo Via LifeSouth.

“When you donate, you change lives.”


LifeSouth’s upcoming blood drive in the Shoals is a very special one. The Serving the Shields Blood Drive is brought to Florence to mark the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. So, in addition to saving lives in the community, you’re also honoring the lives lost in the attacks that took place on September 11th, 2001, exactly 20 years ago.

How to Attend and What to Expect

Blood Drive Photo
Serving the Shields Blood Drive Flyer Photo Via Serving The Shields Blood Drive’s Facebook.

Ready to donate blood and save lives? Here are all the details.

Here’s a breakdown of the process if you’ve never donated:

  • Step 1- Upon arrival, you’ll be asked to verify your address, number and name. Be sure to bring a photo I.D
  • Step 2- After getting checked in, lab techs will gather more info about your medical history. A mini-physical will be performed in order to ensure you’re healthy enough to donate blood.
  • Step 3- In the case you’re able to donate, a Phlebotomist will prepare you for your blood donation.
  • Simple, right?! Be sure to dress comfortably and drink plenty of water. You’ll be good to go!

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