Aubie named 3rd best mascot in the country, how AL schools fared in UCA National Cheer Championship

Auburn University mascot Aubie took third in the D1A Mascot category of the 2023 College Cheer & Dance National Championship.

The three-day event took place this weekend at ESPN’S Wide World of Sports in Orlando, FL, attracting teams from all across the country to compete. Several Alabama state schools placed in various cheer and dance categories including University of Alabama, Shelton State Community College, UAB, University of South Alabama and Troy University. 

Here’s a rundown of how Alabama schools fared in this year’s UCA Cheer & Dance National Championship:

Aubie ranked nation’s 3rd best mascot

This weekend Aubie took home third place in the 2023 UCA Championship Division 1A gameday competition.

A decorated college mascot, Auburn University’s Aubie was the first inductee to the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2006. In 2021, Aubie took home his 10th UCA Championship award– more than any mascot in the country. 

Watch Aubie’s bronze medal performance below:

University of Alabama placed top 10 in 5 categories

Following a first place win in the All-Girl category in the 2022 UCA Championship, this year the University of Alabama took home a trio of top-three finishes including:

  • 2nd in All-Girl Partner Stunt
  • 3rd in Dance Team gameday competition
  • 3rd in All-Girl Cheer Squad gameday competition
The University of Alabama also came in 6th in the Co-ed Cheer category and their dance team placed 9th in the Jazz category.

Shelton State Community College took home 2nd place

Shelton State Community College, also located in Tuscaloosa, also took home a top-three win. Their cheer team came in 2nd place in the Open Co-ed Cheer category this weekend.

UAB ranked top 5 in All-Girls

The UAB Cheer team ranked fourth in the All-Girl D1A cheer category in Orlando this weekend, right behind the University of Alabama.

Troy University celebrated top 10 win

Troy University also ranked among Alabama’s top 10 placing schools, taking home 6th place in the Small Co-ed D1A cheer final.

University of South Alabama places top 5

The University of South Alabama placed fifth this weekend at the UCA Championship in the All-Girl Division 1A game day category.

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