Auburn University student’s first-hand experience of an exciting game day

Auburn University Band On Jordan-Hare Football Field
Auburn fans ‘striped the stadium’ for the LSU game (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

If you’re like most people in the South, you probably spent your Saturday night watching SEC football. If you’re lucky enough to be a student at one of those schools, like Auburn University, your game days look a little different. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the Auburn game day student experience.

Game day eve

The days leading up to Auburn game days are like those leading up to Christmas. Excitement and anticipation fill the town as businesses prep for game day crowds and tailgaters claim their favorite campus spots with tents and lawn chairs.

Auburn students are busy shopping for the finishing touches for a game day outfit, and the Auburn fans start rolling into town.

Get up, it’s game day

Game days always start bright and early—whether it’s brunch with friends or just meeting up downtown at the start of the day. Personally, I always fuel up for game days at one of my favorite local coffee shops. With an evening game and tailgating to do beforehand, morning caffeine is arguably the most important part of the day.

Toomer’s and tailgating

What’s an Auburn game day without Toomer’s lemonade and a stroll around downtown? Getting a world-famous lemonade from Toomer’s Drugs has been an Auburn tradition since 1896.

To get the full Auburn experience, walking downtown and on campus is a must. The sidewalks are packed with fans decked out in orange and blue, and elaborate tailgates decorate every inch of campus. From inflatable Aubie to bouncy houses—you never know what you’ll see!

Here are some of the places you can find students on game days:

Auburn traditions

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: the big game. Students flock to our beloved stadium hours early to secure the best seats in the student section (although no seat is a bad seat in Jordan-Hare). We spend the first few hours leading up to the game catching up with friends, eating stadium hotdogs and pretzels and gearing up to cheer on the Auburn Tigers.

As kickoff nears, the jumbotron lights up with the famous Auburn Football hype video. Following the jungle-themed montage is the eagle flight, signaling the official start of the night. The crowd holds a long “War Eagle” as the eagle makes its flight around the stadium—a cherished Auburn tradition. Then, the Auburn University Marching Band takes the field for a welcome performance and National Anthem. Finally, kickoff!

Auburn vs LSU

At the start of every game, the Auburn student section erupts with excitement that persists through the night (we’re called the “loudest roar in the SEC” for a reason). We’re here for a good time, regardless of the win.

Between plays, we don’t get commercials—we enjoy fan cams and hype videos. Everyone across the stadium hopes to get the jumbotron spotlight for five seconds of fame. From dance-offs to celebrity-look-alikes to close-ups of Aubie and basketball star Dylan Cardwell, the student section is always full of laughter and cheer.

As for this game, it started off strong with two touchdowns and field goals. It’s safe to say the student section was overwhelmed with excitement and shock. A game that was expected to be a tough loss was looking surprisingly optimistic. Eager at the thought of rolling Toomer’s Corner, we were all biting our nails hoping for another miracle win.

Jaws dropped and heads shook as LSU scored on us, time and time again, taking the lead. Even though this was our fifth home game in a row, the crowd showed up and showed out in support of our team. The stadium was packed until the last minute, and we stayed hopeful through the last quarter.

Win or lose, the student section still has a fun, eventful time supporting the Auburn Tigers. Until next time, Jordan-Hare!

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