Bayfront Park closing March 31 for a year—updates + new amenities to come

Bayfront Park
Plans are in motion! (Bayfront Park)

Mobile County’s Bayfront Park is closing March 31, 2022 for approximately a year due to construction. While we are sad to see this beloved park close for a while, it plans to return better than ever.

Protecting our parks

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The park is on protected land. (Bayfront Park)

Bayfront Park is located on Dauphin Island Parkway in Coden, Alabama. The park sits on Mobile Bay, stretching across 20 acres of protected land, which include wetlands and and coastal birding habitats. Listed as site #46 on Alabama’s Coastal Birding Trail, visitors can view the wildlife in its natural habitat.

The park is dedicated to putting the wildlife first and preserving nature. One of the many things set in place is a shoreline is protected with riprap—a manmade line of rocky materials that protects from erosion.


Throughout the summer, Bayfront Park hosts around 1,200 guests per week from all across the state.

Activities visitors can enjoy include:

  • Wind Surfing
  • Bird Watching
  • Wetland Nature Habitat
  • Picnicking
  • Fishing
  • A Playground

The park attracts visitors for a plethora of reasons, but one of our favorites is the magnificent sunrises over the bay. Just when it seems like it can’t get any better—it does, because more amenities are being added!

What to expect

Bayfront Park
Mobile Bay is a beautiful place to spot wildlife. (Bayfront Park)

Once construction is finished, visitors will once again want to flock to Bayfront Park. To create safer infrastructure, many of the amenities will be updated, and even completely new, including restrooms, a park office, a playground, parking areas, a boardwalk and a pavilion.

Throughout the process, the land and wildlife will continue to be protected. In fact, the animals are getting a home makeover too! There are plans to craft a pocket beach. Not sure what it is? Mobile County Commissioner Randall Dueitt explained it best.

“The pocket beach will be a protected area that creates another public access point on the western shore of Mobile Bay for swimming, paddling and other uses. Once complete, Bayfront Park, along with the recent acquisition of Cedar Point Pier, will provide destination points on Dauphin Island Parkway for local residents and visitors to Dauphin Island,” he added.

– Randall Dueitt, District 3 Commissioner, Mobile County

Only a year away

As the park begins its renovation journey today, we can’t wait to see the finished results in a year. One day down, 364 more to go!

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