Ben’s Bread looking to open new physical location in Tuscaloosa

Ben'S Bread Tuscaloosa
(Ben’s Bread Tuscaloosa)

During the pandemic, it seemed that everybody was trying out sourdough bread for themselves. One Alabama resident was doing it long before then, though. Ben Rosairo is a baker who’s been satisfying Tuscaloosa’s carb cravings at local markets for years, and he’s now on a mission to open a physical storefront. Here’s what you need to know.

The story of Ben’s Bread Tuscaloosa

Ben'S Bread Tuscaloosa
(Ben’s Bread Tuscaloosa)

Ben Rosairo describes himself as a “Sri Lankan Brit baking and selling naturally leavened sourdough bagels, bread, croissants and bomboloni (Italian filled doughnuts) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama” (Kickstarter).

But the story is a lot deeper than that. Ben started baking sourdough in 2015, long before it became a social media obsession. Between watching the Great British Baking Show and living across from a sourdough bakery in England, it was only natural for Ben to start baking himself.

When he moved to Tuscaloosa shortly after, he brought his love of baking with him. While he couldn’t bring his sourdough starter with him when he came to Alabama, he started a new one—and it’s still the same sourdough he uses today.

Naturally, he and his partner Sarah had to share the bread with friends, who started calling it the name of his future business—”Ben’s Bread.”

In 2020, Tuscaloosa Farmer’s Market got a taste of his baking, and locals have been hooked ever since. The demand for his organic, fresh-baked goods has grown so much that Ben can no longer meet it out of his home—and that’s the next chapter of his story.

Ben’s Bread Tuscaloosa needs your help

Ben'S Bread Tuscaloosa 2
(Ben’s Bread Tuscaloosa)

Ben is looking to take his business to the next level in Tuscaloosa with a physical storefront.

“I plan to open a bakery that will not only provide good simple bread everyday, but also be a place for people to meet, eat, or even take a baking course. I have my eye on a few locations, each with their own character, location, strengths and challenges, but all have the potential to become something really special and unique to Tuscaloosa!”

Ben Rosairo, Kickstarter

To accomplish this goal, he’s asking help from the community that’s grown to love his baking. His Kickstarter campaign has gained a lot of traction already, but he still has over $10,000 to go as of September 25. The campaign closes on Friday, September 29 at 11AM.

If he meets the goal, his goal is to open his store in early 2024. Stay tuned for updates on Ben’s Bread!

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