Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que featured on “41 American Barbecue Joints You Need to Try Right Now” by Thrillist

Big Bob Gibson Bbq
Top Ranked Pitmaster Chris Lilly. Photo via Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que’s Facebook.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q, a beloved Decatur BBQ joint, has landed a spot on Thrillist’s “The 41 American Barbecue Joints You Need to Try Right Now“. Here’s what Thrillist had to say, as well as a few of our own recommendations!

But First, What is Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Que?

Big Bob Gibson Bbq
The guys behind the grill. Photo via Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que’s Facebook.

If you’re not familiar with Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que, you owe yourself a trip to Decatur. In 1925, Bob “Big Bob” Gibson started serving up homemade barbecue, smoked in a hang-dug pit in his backyard. Over the next 96 years, the Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que restaurant made a name for itself in Decatur. Now, the restaurant is run by Big Bob’s grandson, Don McLemore and McLemore’s son-in-law, Chris Lilly.

Here’s what Thrillist had to say:

On the one hand, the BBQ boom has fueled enough interest in regional variations that it’s not remotely uncommon anymore to enter a recently opened BBQ establishment anywhere in the country and encounter the distinctive vinegary, mayo-based sauce that Bob Gibson first created generations ago. On the other hand, you haven’t really experienced it until you’ve made the pilgrimage to Decatur, eaten your weight in hickory-smoked chicken, and experienced that bright, peppery tang right there at the source.

In true Big Bob Bar-B-Que fashion, Chris Lilly has been ranked as one of the top pitmasters in the country. In fact, he’s won Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que five grand championship titles at the May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, the barbecue Super Bowl.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que Original White Sauce

Big Bob Gibson Bbq
Big Bob’s Famous White Sauce Chicken. Photo via Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Que’s Facebook.

The restaurant is most known for its peppery, mayonnaise-based topping called white sauce, that Bob Gibson invented in the 1920s. Every piece of BBQ chicken is traditionally dunked in the sauce after it leaves the pit.

Thrillist mentioned how many BBQ joints have their own rendition of white sauce, but you will not experience the true deliciousness of Big Bob’s sauce until you’ve had straight from Decatur’s very own.

Check out this video on how to make the tangy, peppery sauce:

Everything you need to know about the white sauce. Video from Big Bob Gibson BBQ’s Youtube.

Make sure you check out Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que next time you’re in Decatur. You won’t regret it.

  • Second Location: 2520 Danville Road SW, Decatur AL
  • Second Phone: 256-350-0404

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