Food Network named Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q the best barbecue in the state

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The best pork sandwich around. (Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q)

Food Network recently named Big Bob Gibson’s as the best barbecue in Alabama—as a Decatur native myself, I can’t say I disagree. Keep reading for what they had to say, plus a few of my fave menu recommendations.

Best BBQ in ‘Bama

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An iconic spot. (Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q)

Food Network recently rounded up the best BBQ in every state from Memphis ribs to Carolina pulled pork and to no one’s surprise, Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q took the cake for ‘Bama… for very good reason. The story highlighted Big Bob’s well-known smoked chicken and, of course, their famous white sauce.

“Created by Bob Gibson in 1925, the tangy mix of mayo, vinegar and spices has become a regional icon, found at barbecue joints throughout the northern part of the state. Smoked-meat aficionados drive from all over the country to get a taste of the original ivory-colored recipe.”

Sara Ventiera for Food Network

A Decatur classic

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Yum. (Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q)

While the smoked chicken is definitely a standout item, the article advised readers not to overlook the rest of the menu.

“At two locations, locally sourced poultry (including turkey!) is slowly cooked in hickory-fired brick pits until tender and juicy. Big Bob also serves award-winning pulled pork, ribs and beef brisket a veritable smorgasbord of luscious smoked meat.”

Sara Ventiera for Food Network

When it comes to the perfect Big Bob’s order, I am almost always going to go with the chicken stuffed potato, but you can’t go wrong with anything. Here are a few more of my go-to orders;

  • The Bar-B-Q Pork Platter (I always get it with mac-and-cheese and green beans)
  • Smoked Chicken Wings (perfect appetizer)
  • Peanut butter pie (always, no question)

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