Birmingham is going bananas for baseball–Savannah Bananas’ tickets sold out

Savannah Bananas
The Bananas are ready to win. (Savannah Bananas / Facebook)

Seeing the Savannah Bananas play live is so a-peel-ing that tickets have already been sold out at Rickwood Field for their World Tour. Keep reading to find out what makes this baseball team so unconventional.

The Bananas go to Birmingham

Savannah Bananas
There’s nothing better than baseball season. (The Savannah Bananas)

The Savannah Bananas have only been around for less than a decade, but their impact has been monumental. Named “The Greatest Show in Baseball,” by ESPN, the Georgia team is currently making their way through a world tour. 

The team is scheduled to play in Birmingham April 16 against their hometown rivals: the Party Animals, but tickets have already sold out. We looked into why the Bananas are so desirable to see, and the answer is not what we were expecting.

A unique approach to baseball

Savannah Bananas
We can’t wait to see them play! (The Savannah Bananas / Facebook)

What makes the Savannah Bananas unique? They’re on a whole ‘nother playing field. For starters, they wear kilts, making them the only baseball team to do so. The unusual uniforms aren’t the only thing that makes them stand out from other teams. Their owner, Jesse Cole, wears a yellow tuxedo to every game.

Fans can also be entertained by their senior citizen dance team called “The Banana Nanas” and “Man-Nana’s,” which is described as a Dad Bod cheerleading squad. The Savannah Bananas also have a tradition where they honor the Banana Baby, lifting it up for the crowd to see while playing Lion King music.

Where you can see them play

Savannah Bananas
(The Savannah Bananas / Website)

Though tickets have already been sold out in Bham, don’t fret! Tickets are available to see them play in Montgomery at Riverwalk Stadium Saturday, March 26 at 7PM. Tickets are $20, and kids 3 and under get in free.

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