Boeing 737 MAX 9 groundings not a problem at Birmingham + Huntsville airports

Boeing 737 Max 9
Alaska 737 Max 9” by KirkXWB is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Alabama’s two largest airports are not impacted by the recent grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 9 airplanes as the result of an Alaskan Airline flight accident this past weekend.

On Friday, January 5th, an Alaskan Airline Flight from Portland, Oregon experienced a midair incident when an unused cabin door broke away after take-off causing the plane to depressurize. There were no serious injuries from the incident.

This weekend the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) ordered the temporary grounding of certain Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft operated by U.S. airlines or in U.S. territory. 

No impact on Alabama’s two largest airports

Huntsville Airport
A Look inside Huntsville International Airport (HSV/Facebook)

In response to questions posed by The Bama Buzz, the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport and the Huntsville International Airport both stated that presently none of the flights arriving or departing are MAX-9s.

Today, the FAA approved a method to inspect the Boeing 737-9 called an emergency airworthiness directive (EAD). As a result of the EAD, approximately 171 airplanes will be inspected for problems worldwide.

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