Boys & Girls Club closing in Mobile—possible new location to come

Boys &Amp; Girls Club Of South Alabama Optimist Branch
The Optimist Branch is closing—for now. (Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama / Facebook)

The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama announced the unfortunate closing of their Optimist Branch. But, they’re not giving up. Keep reading to find out why the branch is closing and what they’re planning for the future.

Boys & Girls Club of South Alabama Optimist Branch closing in September

R.V. Taylor Plaza, home to the Optimist Branch, is getting demolished to make way for Mobile International Airport’s expansion, as reported by NBC15 News.

According to a release from the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama, September 29 will be the Optimist Branch’s last day of operation.

“The Optimist Branch has been a cornerstone of the community, providing a safe and nurturing space for youth to learn, grow, and thrive. Our dedicated staff, volunteers, and community partners have worked tirelessly to create a positive and empowering environment for thousands of youths who walked through the doors of the Optimist Branch at the R.V. Taylor Plaza.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama’s release

Though this is unfortunate news, this organization is determined to continue the mission of the Optimist Branch in Mobile.

Future plans for the Boys & Girls Club’s Optimist Branch

Optimist Bags 3 1
The community is working hard to bring this branch back. (Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama / Facebook)

With their dedication to nurturing youth in the Mobile community, the Optimist Branch is looking toward the future.

“Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama remains committed to finding a new location for the Optimist Branch in the future.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama’s release

William Burks, Optimist Branch Director, said that it would be ideal to build a new facility.

“[The] plan going forward is a new location. Ideal would be to build a new and improved state-of-the-art facility, but of course that would take a lot of support.”

William Burks, Optimist Branch Director

Burks continued, saying that a location with a gymnasium, outdoor play area, computer lab, game, room, library and kitchen would support the programs that they have.

The demolition and closing will remove a Boys & Girls Club from the Maysville downtown area of Mobile, an area that Burks said, “desperately needs it.” Thus, the ideal location for the new Optimist Branch will be in the same area.

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