NEW: Gadsden moving City Hall into downtown Regions location

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This Regions location will be the new home of Gadsden City Hall. (City of Gadsden / Facebook)

Big news, Gadsden! The old Gadsden City Hall is relocating to a stately location, formerly home to Regions bank. Here’s what you need to know about the $2.8 million deal.

This is a “historic moment for Gadsden”

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Mayor Craig Ford said that this relocation is a, “historic moment for Gadsden.” (City of Gadsden / Facebook)

On Tuesday, Mayor Craig Ford announced the city is acquiring the 28,000-square-foot Regions location at 200 Broad Street. The bank building—which conveniently looks just like a city hall—will transform into Gadsden’s new city hall in the coming months.

However, you’ll still be able to cash your checks at the Regions location. While most of the building will be devoted to city administrative offices, Regions will lease a small portion of the space and still serve locals.

Mayor Craig described the deal as a “historic moment for Gadsden,” as well as part of GROW Gadsden—the city’s new comprehensive plan which provides a vision and roadmap for the next 20+ years.

As early as next year, though, the new city hall will relocate to its new facility.

A 2024 completion date

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The old city hall in Gadsden was built in 1960. (City of Gadsden / Facebook)

Gadsden’s old city hall at 90 Broad Street (yep, it’s just around the corner from the new city hall) was built in 1960. Needless to say, it’s time for a refresh.

“With increased dependence on technology and major advances in building efficiencies, the building at 90 Broad Street has served its time and accomplished its purpose for over the past 60-something years. We are now looking ahead to the next 60 years where Gadsden can become a destination to live, work, and play.”

Mayor Craig Ford

But the old city hall won’t just be abandoned. A developer is currently assessing the property to see what it might be used for in the future—whether that’s retail or other business.

We can’t wait to see how both of these locations transform and bolster the continuous growth of Gadsden.

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