Bridging the Great Divide initiative announced on Juneteenth

Bridging The Great Divide
Councilor Moore backs Bridging the Great Divide. (Birmingham City Council / Facebook)

To celebrate Juneteenth, a community event was held at Historic Bethel Baptist Church in Collegeville to announce the “Bridging the GREAT Divide.” Keep reading for more information about this initiative and who it impacts.

Bridging the GREAT Divide

On Monday, June 19, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Microsoft, Jefferson County Commission District 1, and the City of Birmingham District 4 held the “Bridge the Great Divide.” This event was an effort to provide an all-encompassing, one-stop experience to address a multitude of issues and bring together resources including:

  • Finances
  • Health care
  • Housing
  • Physical and mental health
  • Small business development
  • Technology

An announcement was made by Microsoft and Open Broadband launching an initiative to bring greater connectivity to the entire city of Birmingham and beyond. This initiative will reach the entire state of Alabama.

These major tech companies are looking to Councilor J.T. Moore’s service to his community to guide their efforts.

Empowering communities

Bethel Baptist Church
A beautiful reminder of change. (Bethel Baptist Church)

The event was held at Historic Bethel Baptist Church—a catalyst for change during the Civil Rights Movement and an important piece of U.S. history.

The Bridging the Great Divide initiative strives to bring about economic and social freedom for our communities. This is just the beginning of an incredible story for the development of our state and its people.

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